Sunday, May 22, 2022

Luke Getsy Comments On Equanimeous St. Brown Should Not Be Ignored


When discussing the Chicago Bears wide receiving corps, it tends to center around three names. Darnell Mooney is obvious after his strong 2021 season. Due to his Kansas City success, Byron Pringle was their most notable free agent addition. Then comes rookie 3rd round pick, Velus Jones, with his unique versatility. It is easy to forget they also signed Equanimeous St. Brown even before Pringle. Most people, understandably, passed that off as nothing more than a depth addition. Is it, though? One thing to remember here is Luke Getsy.

He is the new Bears offensive coordinator. Before that, he was the passing game coordinator in Green Bay, the team that drafted St. Brown. If the receiver wasn’t worth anything from an offensive standpoint, it is hard to imagine Getsy would sign off on the Bears bringing him in. Then when you hear the coach speak about the receiver, one starts to wonder if the team’s plans for him are more extensive than they’re letting on.

“I thought EQ had a tremendous year last year in his growth and his maturity from where he was to where he is now. I was really excited that we were able to snag him because I think all his best football is ahead of him. I’m excited to see. He’s one of those guys — you talk about a big body, a guy that can run, his toughness and all that stuff and everything that we’re going to preach in this system — he’s that expectation.”

This isn’t an isolated thought.

Former Bears scouting director Greg Gabriel believes St. Brown has way more to offer the team than his numbers with the Packers suggest. Watch his tape from 2021, and it will become evident his route running has significantly improved from where he started as a 7th round pick.

It isn’t like St. Brown would be the first late round receiver to blossom later in his career. Julian Edelman was a non-factor through his first four years in New England. Then he cracked 1,000 yards in his fifth season. T.J. Houshmandzadeh was a forgotten 7th round pick in Cincinnati for three years. Then he became a Pro Bowler. Even the Packers experienced this type of leap before. Donald Driver was a 7th round pick in 1999, did nothing for three years, and then made three Pro Bowls.

It is not crazy to think St. Brown can become a significant part of this offense. He’s talented enough and now has loads of experience to lean on. He’ll also have the most important thing of all. Opportunity. Something he just wasn’t getting in Green Bay. Luke Getsy seems ready to correct that mistake.

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