Sunday, May 22, 2022

Luke Getsy Blown Away By How Fast Justin Fields Is Progressing


When he took over as new Chicago Bears offensive coordinator, Luke Getsy didn’t want to make any grand statements. He knew the situation he was walking into. The offense was an absolute mess throughout most of the previous regimes’ tenure. No players felt that pain more than the quarterbacks. Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles failed to turn around their fortunes, so last season Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace made a bold move to trade up for Justin Fields in the draft.

It didn’t go well. While the rookie had some outstanding individual moments, he suffered from inconsistency most of the year and took a beating in the process. Nagy and Pace were fired after the season ended, paving the way for Getsy’s eventual arrival a few weeks later. New head coach Matt Eberflus wanted to change the offensive approach with one overarching goal: to work to the players’ strengths.

Especially their young quarterback.

Getsy stated that was his mission, and it would start by going back to the basics. From his footwork to his throwing mechanics, everything about Fields’ game would be broken down and built back up. The goal is to streamline the entire operation, reducing the time from snap to pass as much as possible. Based on what the coordinator has seen thus far, the progress has exceeded expectations.

“We’re working through this thing step by step. In order to master our craft, we have to be able to master each step. We’re staying on track. I think, if anything, he’s ahead of pace.”

More than anything, Fields’ work ethic and drive have stood out the most to Luke Getsy. He’s seen plenty of quarterbacks that work hard, but the Bears’ starter is a cut above most of them. The guy is relentless in his approach. Every time a challenge is thrown in front of him, he’s met it head-on. Given the rate of progression, there is legitimate hope he’ll show signs of improvement as the 2022 season unfolds. The key will be getting him to play both smarter and faster.

That and ensuring he gets more help from the supporting cast. Namely the receivers and offensive line. It is a process and will require time to reach fruition.

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