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Insiders Reveal Why Packers Are So Eager To Kiss Aaron Rodgers’ Feet


This offseason, the Green Bay Packers didn’t leave anything up to the imagination. They made it clear from the start that they wanted Aaron Rodgers back in 2022 and are prepared to pay through the nose to make it happen. It feels like a violent shift from their position a year ago when they wanted him to stay but with an unmistakable undercurrent of belief that he could depart this offseason if he wished. Something changed during that time.

According to multiple insiders, it has everything to do with the status of Jordan Love. When GM Brian Gutekunst moved up in the 2020 draft to select the Utah State QB, the message was clear. He and the organization viewed Love as the heir apparent to Rodgers. That move is what set off the entire chain of events that followed. Right around now would be when the Packers would have to start the transition process. Yet they’re prepared to double down on Rodgers instead. This is because Matt Lafleur and his coaching staff are not convinced Love is ready to start and aren’t sure if he’ll ever be ready.

Insider Benjamin Allbright put it in no uncertain terms.

It is wild how quickly things have changed in just two years. Love went from talented 1st round pick to not even worth a Day 2 selection in the eyes of most around the NFL. That is what happens when a guy looks like nothing special in the preseason then underwhelms during his sporadic appearances in 2021. Albert Breer of the MMQB offered further confirmation of how low his stock is sinking in his recent mailbag.

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“On Thursday morning, I hit up a couple execs to ask what Love might bring back in a trade. One said a third-round pick. Another said his initial thought was a fourth-rounder, based on the fact that Love’s NFL tape is “just kind of blah, and there isn’t a ton of it, and he was polarizing coming out.’

So at that point, for a middle-rounder, is it worth giving up on Love?”

Keep in mind the Packers spent an extra 4th round pick to move up for Love in the first place. In doing so, they passed on guys like Tee Higgins and Michael Pittman Jr., wide receivers that could’ve been a massive help to Aaron Rodgers in his efforts to try winning that elusive second championship. Instead, Gutekunst thought he could play the same game Ted Thompson did back in 2005. Now Green Bay is paying the price, preparing to sink even more future money into a 38-year old quarterback coming off the worst playoff performance of his career.

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