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Insider Reveals Who He’s Hearing Chicago Bears Will Trade #1 Pick To


The Chicago Bears are in no rush to let their intentions for the #1 pick be known. GM Ryan Poles said clarity on this subject wouldn’t come for at least a month. There is still the Senior Bowl, East-West Shrine Bowl, and scouting combine to get through. Once that data is collected, the Bears will have a good picture of the 2023 draft class and how it might unfold. Then Poles will be able to determine whether he should make the pick or trade it to a team desperate for a quarterback.

Longtime NFL insider John McClain has no doubts about what will happen. On Football Night in Chicago, he explained that it’s almost a foregone conclusion that the Bears will trade the pick. They’re in a perfect position to create a bidding war. While there may be several teams interested in the pick, McClain thinks there are only two Chicago will do business with. That is Houston and Indianapolis. The primary reason is that, based on what he’s hearing, the team doesn’t want to drop too far for fear of losing out on Will Anderson or Jalen Carter. The Texans (#2) and Colts (#4) would guarantee they land one of them.

When asked what he was heard, McClain didn’t hesitate. He thinks the Bears make a deal with the Colts and take either Carter or Anderson at #4.

It makes perfect sense for the Chicago Bears.

Poles would achieve the best of both worlds in that scenario. He secures multiple extra picks for his coffers while staying in the top five. There he can land a possible difference-maker for his defensive line. The big question is whether the Texans can make an offer to prevent this from happening. McClain indicated it’s possible. GM Nick Caserio is swimming in extra picks. Houston has two 1st rounders in 2023 and 2024. He also has ten picks this year alone. Moving up one spot to secure his quarterback of choice shouldn’t be a huge deal for him. This way, the Bears would have their choice of Anderson or Carter.

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It comes down to a simple question. Do the Chicago Bears want fewer picks but their choice of the two players or more picks and likely ending up with the player they coveted a little less? McClain is probably correct. Given where this roster is at, Poles will opt for the deal that lands him more picks. He also has a relationship with Colts GM Chris Ballard, so communication will be far easier between the two sides. Clarity on this subject should start surfacing around the middle of March.


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Jan 23, 2023 1:16 am

I have never seen so many people read articles from the same site every day and whine about it every day.

Seriously, just talk about whatever you want concerning the Bears if you don’t like the topic. It’s fun to speculate, if you don’t like early speculation, don’t click on a speculation link.

Jan 22, 2023 3:06 pm

There’s also the possibility that the Texans and the Colts fall in love with two different QBs and both want to move up to get their guy the Bears move down one spot then again to the four spot pick up multiple draft picks in 2023 and 24 while still staying in range to get their guy on the defensive line Anderson/Carter

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Pat Byrne
Pat Byrne
Jan 22, 2023 12:20 pm

The bears should trade down and make sure they get that defensive stud lineman. This is not a one year rebuild. Unfortunately I am looking at 2024 season for a really good team. They should go no lower then # 4 pick which would make a trade with Indy the thing to do. Next year if Fields bombs out they will still be in a good spot for qb draft pick. I really think that Fields will make it – super accurate at Ohio state just quit making him a runner. If the offensive coordinator can’t figure that out get… Read more »

Jan 22, 2023 9:58 am

I’ll extend this article. If Bears trade from 1-4 and Anderson is gone at #3 to AZ or a team that trades up for Anderson then I would rather trade down again and get more picks. There will still be plenty of players left to draft like Tyree Wilson, one of the OTs, WRs, Tuli, etc. I’m just not enamored with Carter unless he drops and he’s available after we trade down from 4. He’s just not a top 5 pick production wise, he takes himself out of games in the 4th quarter being winded, and he’s got character concerns… Read more »

Jan 22, 2023 9:49 am

Trade the pick to the Texans, and then see what they can get from Indy for the 2nd pick. 2 trade-downs and land at 4.

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