GM Ryan Pace made it clear from the start of this offseason. The Chicago Bears will do whatever is necessary this offseason to get better. Everybody knows that starts with the quarterback position. As of now, two names stand out as legitimate targets who could potentially change their fortunes overnight. Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson. While the latter actually pointed out the Bears by name as a team he wouldn’t mind playing for, it seems Chicago may be focused on both.

ESPN insider Jeff Darlington had some interesting words about the Bears’ situation on NFL Live. He stated that the Houston Texans GM Nick Caserio needs to be careful. The best strategy for any team in a trade environment is taking advantage of another team’s vulnerability. No team is more desperate to acquire a quarterback than Chicago. By the sound of things, they may have a substantial offer on the table for the quarterback.

One the Texans need to think long and hard about considering.

Dan Orlovsky put it best. Pace and head coach Matt Nagy can worry about the long-term concern later on. Yes, it’s to cost the Bears a lot. Probably three 1st round picks at least. Building a roster is difficult without them. However, those two men have to think about saving their jobs beyond 2021. Everybody knows they’re on the hot seat. A bold trade for Watson instantly changes their fortunes this coming season.

Once that is done, they can start forming a plan to build the roster without those picks. It isn’t like Pace is unequal to the task. He’s been doing it for two years already and still managed to find solid players like David Montgomery, Jaylon Johnson, and Darnell Mooney. He’s proven he can draft well in later rounds and Watson is sure to be a major draw in free agency. It can be done.

Deshaun Watson is a long shot but not impossible

The Bears are in a position most other contenders for Watson aren’t. They are desperate for a quarterback. People talk about the Jets and Dolphins having more ammunition. This is true. However, both also either have quarterbacks or an ability to draft one early. New York holds the #2 overall pick. They can draft a QB there and just keep all their picks to continue building the roster. Miami can either keep Tua Tagovailoa or draft somebody else.

This is what Darlington is talking about. Caserio won’t find another team that is willing to pay almost any price to get Deshaun Watson more than the Bears. If he waits too long and they end up going in a different direction, he immediately sees the market shrink. Teams will start coming in with smaller offers, thinking he will have to break eventually. This is a big reason why even the Houston media has started to urge the Texans to make the move.

It comes down to whether Pace can make the sales pitch.

Watson doesn’t appear disinterested in the idea of coming to Chicago. Then again anyplace seems better than Houston these days. The Bears GM also has a strong working relationship with Caserio. They’ve done multiple trades together going back to 2015 when the latter was still with the New England Patriots. If the offer is strong enough, that familiarity could help close a deal.

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