Friday, July 1, 2022

Insider Doubles Down On Who Will Replace Matt Nagy As Head Coach


Anybody who still has doubts on whether Matt Nagy will survive as Chicago Bears head coach probably gave up after what happened the past 48 hours. It started with a report that an “overwhelming” number of players want him gone. Then the explosive report surfaced, indicating he would be fired following the Thanksgiving game in Detroit. While some refuted it, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune soon offer details of Nagy’s reaction behind the scenes. It didn’t exactly offer the indications of a man who believes he’ll reach the end of the season. Never mind remaining the head coach.

This feels like a matter of when, not if he’s gone. Thus the questions have already shifted to the next obvious thing. Who will replace him? There is no shortage of possibilities. Several notable names are certain to be in the discussion from former Super Bowl winner Doug Pederson to Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and so on. Rumors are swirling that George McCaskey has already begun research on possibilities.

One insider though remains convinced who it will likely end up being.

Benjamin Allbright of KOA Radio has spoken on the Nagy subject multiple times over the past few weeks. He is among the more accurate and respected insiders in the business. He is certain of two things. Nagy is 100% gone and who the Bears probably have in mind for his replacement. That is Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Allbright said during an interview three weeks ago that he was the leader in the clubhouse. On Tuesday, he doubled down.

Daboll has really been a top head coach candidate since last year. This due to his success at molding former 7th overall pick Josh Allen into a Pro Bowl quarterback. After a rough rookie season in which he threw more interceptions (12) than touchdowns (10), Allen has 78 touchdown passes and just 27 interceptions in the three years since. Considering how similar he is in skillset to Fields? It isn’t hard to believe the Bears would be interested.

Daboll is at least more proven than Matt Nagy was

If Allbright is correct and Daboll is the guy? This represents a clear agenda from the organization. Fields is the key to the Bears’ future. He is the one who will determine whether they have success in the coming years. Especially with a roster that has gotten older and faces a potential rebuild. Molding Fields into a viable starting quarterback would help ease the turnover and keep the team competitive.

Daboll’s track record of late is hard to argue. Buffalo had the #2 scoring offense in the NFL last season and have the #2 scoring offense this season. However, some have begun to cool on him of late. The Bills’ offense has struggled over the past month. They scored just six points against the bottom-dwelling Jacksonville Jaguars and then just 15 two weeks later against Indianapolis. Accusations have surfaced that Daboll refuses to run the ball enough, putting too much pressure on Allen.

Those are things that will need sorting through.

Every coach can have rough patches. That is how the league goes. There are still seven games to go in the season. Plenty of time for him to turn things around and get back on track. If he finishes strong? There is a good possibility the Bears will indeed put him at the top of their interview list to replace Matt Nagy.

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