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Insider Connects Chicago Bears To Looming 2023 Free Agent


The Chicago Bears will have more money than any other team when free agency begins next off-season. Over $100 million. That means GM Ryan Poles can be aggressive in finding help for his roster. What nobody knows for sure is who they may target. There will be no shortage of big names on the market. Early assumptions are that they’ll focus on offensive and defensive linemen. That isn’t a surprise with how both units have looked in recent weeks. Where it gets interesting is the skill positions. Everybody assumes wide receiver will also be in play, but maybe running back as well.

That might sound crazy. However, it’s important to remember David Montgomery will be a free agent next spring. Khalil Herbert is nursing a hip injury. Considering how vital the running game is to the Bears’ offensive identity, it might make sense for them to invest in the position. At least, that is what ESPN insider Dan Graziano thinks. He spoke on the Get Up program, explaining that there is a considerable likelihood that star New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley will test the open market in March. He believes the Bears are a landing spot worth watching.

The Chicago Bears pursuing Barkley is a conundrum.

Common NFL doctrine these days is that you don’t invest significant money in the running back position. The wear and tear those guys endure almost always leads to injuries and bodies breaking down. Very few live up to the money they get. It’s a fair point. That said, Barkley has some things going in his favor. He doesn’t turn 26 until next February. So he’s still well within his prime. He appears healthy after an extended period of injury setbacks and is a freak of nature. Athletes like him are rare at any position, let alone running back.

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Poles doesn’t seem like the type of GM that would throw a big contract at that spot. It isn’t widely viewed as “premium” compared to QB, offensive tackle, and wide receiver. Then again, the Chicago Bears are a running team. Justin Fields is at his most dangerous when he uses his legs. Imagine how lethal it could get with opponents constantly concerned about Barkley. Besides, the Bears have more than enough money to spend. The odds say it doesn’t happen. That said, the possibility isn’t crazy.


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Nov 22, 2022 6:16 pm

Man I don’t know. He’s great when healthy and with him and JF1 in the backfield? Wow. But the key there is health. Maybe I’m being unfair. I mean, how many players nowadays play at a high level for an entire 16/17 game season? My football hero was Walter Payton. He spoiled me and he spoiled Chicago. He only missed one game in 13 years. And even the one he missed pissed him off because the coach held him out. Not because of injury but because he missed practice while healing from an injury. He was ready to go on… Read more »

Ghost Tomahawk 34
Ghost Tomahawk 34
Nov 22, 2022 2:25 pm

Over used Injury prone running back at the end of his prime years?? Maybe on a short term deal for modest money. 2 years 12 mill total. Take it or leave it.

Or pass

Nov 22, 2022 8:17 am

I don’t agree with this theory. Barkley has a long history of injuries. And while he’s having a good year this year, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll continue to stay healthy. I think at best, he’s an average receiver, and more importantly, I think he’s at best an average pass blocker, which if they’re gonna have a running back they pretty much want to have somebody who can pass block a little bit. I know Herbert isnt the greatest, but they’re working on it with him. Sorry, I don’t see this as a fit, and I think it’s kind… Read more »

Nov 22, 2022 8:01 am

I think a better storyline would have been…an insider who is quite familiar with Josh Jacobs’ camp hears that he has high interest in signing with the Chicago Bears and playing in their offense, which would accentuate his skills, barring the Raiders not placing a franchise tag on him.

Thomas Gena
Thomas Gena
Nov 21, 2022 4:09 pm

Tiger Beat Magazine wants you to come out for a second interview.
Good luck, girl!

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