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Insider Claims Eliot Wolf Is Among Two More Finalists For Bears GM


Ryan Poles became the first GM candidate to earn a second interview from the Chicago Bears this week. Since then, it has been strangely quiet. The standard procedure says at least two more of the 16 names they’ve spoken to thus far with getting in-person meetings. However, it appears they aren’t yet finished the first round candidates yet. So fans are left waiting, wondering, and doing way too much speculation. Now a little more clarity might be on the way with Eliot Wolf and Monti Ossenfort reaching the next step.

Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus appeared on PFF Now to discuss the GM and head coaching situations around the NFL. When it came time to talk about the Bears, he had an interesting update. Based on what he is hearing, those two executives made a strong enough impression in their first interviews that they are expected back to meet with George McCaskey and his team again.

This is interesting, to say the least.

Reports last week were that Ossenfort, the Tennessee Titans director of player personnel did really well in his interview. A strong impression. Eliot Wolf on the other hand was a complete mystery. It’s well known he is the son of Hall of Fame GM Ron Wolf but that isn’t why he is considered qualified. The second-generation executive played a big role in helping build the Green Bay Packers 2010 Super Bowl team and then assisted in the turnaround of the Cleveland Browns as their assistant GM in 2018 and 2019.

Now he’s had a chance to work in New England with the Patriots for the past two years With 14 years of NFL front office experience in three different organizations, it is felt he is ready for an opportunity to run his own team. This update suggests the Bears liked what they heard from him. He has the pedigree. Ossenfort spent years helping the Patriots win Super Bowl. Nobody can say these two men aren’t qualified.

Eliot Wolf would be a fascinating story

Not only would be the first-ever son of a GM to earn the same job running a team, but he’d also have a chance at revenge. Back in 2018, he had a chance to earn the Green Bay Packers GM job. Something he’d been working towards for 14 years at that point. Instead, the team elected to go with Brian Gutekunst. Bitterly disappointed, Wolf chose to leave. He spent two years in Cleveland and now two years in New England. Try to imagine him returning to the division to take over Green Bay’s biggest rival. Those are subplots story writers drool over.

As for Ossenfort? He is no less interesting. A huge part of the Patriots’ college scouting department during their second run of three Super Bowls in 2014, 2016, and 2018. This is what led him to get the Titans job in 2020. With his help, Tennessee claimed the #1 seed in the AFC this past season. Videos of him show a man that has a clear vision for how a team should operate when it comes to evaluating and acquiring players.

It feels like this entire situation remains a toss-up.

Nobody can say for sure who the favorite is. Poles was the first get a second interview and he has ties to Dan Quinn who himself is getting a second look at head coach. Ossenfort and Wolf don’t have any direct connections to the current coaches. So if they end up getting the job, it’s possible the search could expand. So many details are still to come.

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