Earlier on Wednesday, Ian Rapoport provided an update. It appears a market could be developing for Anthony Miller after it was revealed he was on the trade block last month. He stated “a number of teams” are involved on the Chicago Bears wide receiver. A clear indication that a trade could be imminent. This is something a lot of people find surprising.

How can Ryan Pace expect any sort of return for a guy like Miller coming off such a disappointing season? One should not dismiss the Bears GM over something like that. Remember this is the same man who got 6th round picks for Jordan Howard and Adam Shaheen when people said they had no value. Miller is 26-years old and a former 2nd round pick. Talent has never been his problem.

Consistency and health have been.

There are bound to be a few teams out there who believe a fresh start could end up doing him a lot of good. Is a later round pick worth the risk? For some, it is. The question for the Bears is how much they can get in return. Plenty of people think the best they can hope for is a future 7th. In reality, that isn’t the case. They might be able to squeeze another mid round pick out of this deal.

Two such examples provide clarity. Zay Jones was a 2nd round pick of the Buffalo Bills in 2017. He had a solid second year with seven touchdown catches but seemed to lose steam going into his third. So the Bills traded him to the Raiders for a 5th round pick. A few years earlier, wide receiver Mike Thomas had some up and down seasons his first three years in Jacksonville. Like Jones, he was traded midway through the fourth season to the Detroit Lions. The compensation? A 5th round pick.

Anthony Miller will fetch something. It’s a matter of how much.

It seems like a 5th round pick is around what the Bears should be gunning for in such a deal. That seems relatively fair. Miller is still young and cheap. He has shown enough flashes to give the acquiring team the hope he can rebound and be productive. A 5th isn’t a steep asking price. Keep in mind several teams have multiple 5ths at their disposal.

Or if the Bears were willing to push it a bit further, they could package one of their four 6th round picks with Miller to see if they can get a 4th rounder. Something they don’t have in this draft. There are a number of different possibilities in play. Rapoport made it clear enough that Anthony Miller has a market. It is a matter of Pace patiently seeking out the best possible deal for his team.

One can expect this will probably happen before the draft.

If it does, the Bears could end up with nine picks. Their highest amount in years and a great opportunity to fill out their roster with more young talent. A major necessity for one of the oldest rosters in the NFL. One just wishes it didn’t have to be this way. Miller has the capability to be really good in this league. It just never quite came together for him.