What are the Chicago Bears going to do with the third overall pick in the NFL draft? This will be the all-consuming question fans will be wrestling for the next month and a half. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how important this stretch of the offseason is. After going 9-23 over the past two years, the current regime knows the time is approaching where they have to start showing progress.

That means a strong draft is imperative, and the first round pick is always the most important. Part of the reason the team fell apart over the past few years was because they couldn’t get that pick right. Chris Williams? Gabe Carimi? Shea McClellin? Those three busts only served to help the downward spiral accelerate. It’s what bad drafting does.

They can’t afford to screw up at #3. So which direction will they go with it? Everybody has an opinion on that subject. Most of them involve a pure football perspective. What if, on the other hand one were to take a more business-oriented approach to it. Specifically in regards to economics. Perhaps that will shed some light on where the team is likely to focus.