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Hall Of Famer Just Dropped A Justin Fields Bombshell


Rumor season is upon us. With the Chicago Bears holding the #1 overall pick, they will be the central focus of off-season buzz for months to come. Much of that chatter centers on Justin Fields. He completed his second season in Chicago and did well. He improved his passing efficiency from his rookie season and compiled 25 total touchdowns. His 1,143 rushing yards were the second-most in a season in NFL history. Despite the team’s unfortunate record, one would think Fields has earned a chance to continue as the starter.

Some aren’t so sure of that. They believe Fields’ troubling issues as a passer combined with the allure of having the #1 pick might compel GM Ryan Poles to make a change. There are no solid indications this is true. Not yet, anyway. Still, that hasn’t stopped some people from talking about it. Then comes Warren Sapp. The Hall of Fame defensive tackle appeared on the Bret Boone Podcast. When the topic of Fields came up, the 50-year-old dropped a bit of a bombshell nobody would’ve seen coming.

Would the Bears dare trade Justin Fields?

The odds say no. Widespread opinions are this quarterback class is good but not of the same caliber as two years ago. Most agree Fields is still the superior prospect. That said, one cannot dismiss several factors. Poles did not draft him. That isn’t the primary reason this could happen, but it should not be ignored. GMs tend to seek quarterbacks of their own unless the one in question is an undoubted superstar. Poles even said he would evaluate the QBs in this class with an open mind and might consider a change if “absolutely blown away.” So like it or not, a window exists.

Then there is the contract. The Bears are probably two years away from having their roster back to a point where it can compete for the playoffs. By then, Justin Fields will be near the end of his rookie contract. Everybody knows it becomes far harder to contend with a huge quarterback contract on the books. Drafting a rookie would reset the clock, giving Poles time to assemble a roster that can compete inside that timeline.

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Then there is the compensation. Trading Fields would likely net Chicago a 1st round pick and some additional selections. That would satisfy the team’s desire for flexibility while allowing them to keep the #1 spot.

Last but not least is Bryce Young himself.

Experts agree he is the most complete quarterback in this class. He’s intelligent, instinctive, accurate, and has an advanced pocket processor. The only problem is his size at 5’11, 195 lbs. That is problematic for some. Can he handle the physical demands of the NFL? If Poles thinks so, then the appeal is obvious.

Sapp has no reason to lie. It’s not like he has any allegiances one way or another. He’s well-connected around the NFL, knowing many players, coaches, and insiders personally. So his sources could be solid. Still, it is difficult to believe. Poles would be taking a gigantic risk by giving up a physical specimen like Fields after two years for Young, who doesn’t have nearly the same ceiling.


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Ralph Law
Ralph Law
Jan 28, 2023 11:08 am

so , now Bryce Young suddely grew two 8nches! Amazing, and Sapp, whobpossesses the brain of a grapfruit, is now the QB guru. Last, I fully expect Bears fans will run Poles out of Chicago if he dumps Fields. Then, let Poles go back to the Chiefs like the other dotard did. Of course, anything is possible for a bèginner GM who traded away the top 2nd round draft pick for Claypool. The Steelers are still salivating over that “Ryan Pace” like trade.

Thom Cameron
Thom Cameron
Jan 27, 2023 2:39 pm

If Fields were in the draft this year, where would he be slotted? That is the relevant question IMO. I’m thinking he would be #1. If I’m right; then we would be trading #1 pick (with 2 yrs of experience and evaluation) away to draft a lesser undeveloped pick, hoping we can catch lightening because we do not trust our eyes. Not how you build a team in my mind.

Jan 27, 2023 1:42 pm

There’s only one question to yourself. Is any of these quarterbacks better than JF and the answer is no? With the first pick and most salary cap that can neutralize JF’S contract in two years. Last season was his rookie season after what Nagy did to him. Poles, will set himself up by having two number ones by trading down for next year. Why? There’s no quarterback worth taking this year period. But you can rebuild the team now by trading down and put yourself in a position to get a better quarterback next year and reset the cap if… Read more »

Ralph Law
Ralph Law
Jan 27, 2023 1:34 pm

Warren Sapp….great player……not an intellectual genius or a good talent assessor. Fields is only 23, and has 1.5 seasons of experience with two different but vastly flawed systems with coaches – yes, Getsy included – who were learning as they played just like JF.

Get some solid line play in here, and some serious NFL receivers, and see what JF produces. Not keeping JF will cost Poles his job, and I think he’s smart enough to know that.

Jan 27, 2023 1:05 pm

I’m old enough to remember when Doug Flutie was with the Bears for 2 seasons 86′ and 87′. Being he was 5’10” and 180 lbs he had difficulty seeing over lineman and field of play. While he had a long career bouncing around the NFL and CFL he was never that franchise QB. For comparisons sake you’re not talking about much of a difference here. Unfortunately the physical stature of 5’11” and 195 lbs has to be taken into consideration and be of some concern. If JF1 was drafted in this class he would be considered the top prospect at… Read more »

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