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Former Chicago Bears Exec Shoots Down Persistent Draft Rumor


The Chicago Bears are on course to hold a top-3 pick for the second year in a row. That should give GM Ryan Poles a golden opportunity to continue infusing his roster with more young talent. This past off-season, he chose to trade the pick, securing wide receiver D.J. Moore and three additional selections in addition to 10th overall. He then selected Darnell Wright, who appears to be a big hit at right tackle. People now wonder what Poles might do for an encore. Some feel this is the year he will go after a quarterback of his own.

Former Bears scouting director Greg Gabriel doesn’t see that happening. When assessing why this team isn’t winning enough games, Justin Fields’ play is far down the list. The team has a serious coaching problem. That must be addressed. Based on what he knows of Poles from speaking to him and seeing him work, Gabriel believes that the GM may trade down again. He also made one other thing clear. Those pining for Ohio State superstar receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. should not get their hopes up.

It isn’t happening.

“My gut feeling is if the Bears end up with one of the top two picks in the Draft with Carolina’s pick, they will trade it much like Ryan Poles traded the top pick last year. Trading the pick would be a much better scenario for the Bears to upgrade their roster.

How far down could the Bears trade? That remains to be seen as we need to find out what the Draft order will be and who wants or is in need of a QB. We won’t know the answer to that question until at least February.

If the Bears still end up drafting in the Top Five, I do not believe they will use that high pick on Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. I could give you at least ten reasons why, but that is for another day when we actually find out how high the Bears highest first-round pick will be.”

Why would the Chicago Bears pass on Marvin Harrison Jr.?

There is no question the wide receiver would add a ridiculous amount of firepower to the passing game. He and D.J. Moore could create a lethal combination. Passing on that possibility sounds ridiculous. However, a fair assessment says Gabriel isn’t wrong. Since 2000, a total of 11 wide receivers have been drafted in the top five picks. None of them have won a Super Bowl. To take it a step further, four of the top five leaders in receiving yards all time also haven’t won a Super Bowl. This suggests that superstar receivers don’t have as big of an impact on championship teams as many like to believe.

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The lesson is the Chicago Bears can probably find good receivers later in the draft. They can and should use those precious high 1st rounders on positions of greater consequence, like offensive tackle or pass rusher. People already see the impact Wright and Montez Sweat have had this season. Adding two more pieces of that caliber could make this team formidable.

They could also seek out that elusive interior pass rusher they need. Drafting Harrison Jr. would add instant offense to the Bears roster. That is indisputable. However, Gabriel doesn’t seem to think it will make them a true contender.


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Dec 2, 2023 7:54 pm

At some point, you have to stop ACCUMULATING picks and actually make them. I was bought into trading the #1 to Carolina. Fine, but people keep talking about what a great job Poles has done building up the roster. But then if he has at this point w/ 2 certain Top 10 picks 1 of which (Carolina’s) will be #1, you just don’t pass on can’t miss, likely superstars like MJH. Bears are set @ CB, RB, more or less TE, LB (even though Edmunds IMO has disappointed in Year 1). So….sure it would be great to draft a 3T… Read more »

Dec 2, 2023 8:11 am

No doubt that Harrison Jr is the top WR prospect in the upcoming draft but his not the only WR worth drafting. Bears should trade back if they get the #1 pick. Nobody is talking about Malik Nabers from LSU who is better fit in the Bears current offensive system. Most of y’all are just repeating what you heard on ESPN or whatever BS sports show your watching equivalent to women’s Reality TV shows. Now let’s see how many talking heads start saying that name!!!

Dec 1, 2023 10:41 pm

4 of top 5 receivers all time maybe. But hall of fame receivers win super bowls all of the time! Even getting to the Super Bowl would be huge. Just look at last years eagles they are a prime example of why taking a WR in the first round is a great choice. Devonte Smith and AJ brown both can’t be double teamed. So teams must pick their poison. If you draft Harrison Jr you have a top 5 weapon duo in the NFL and that gives you an huge advantage on offense. Skipping in Harrison Junior would be the… Read more »

Dec 1, 2023 7:55 pm

Fields doesn’t throw the ball until a receiver is 5 yards open. He needs at least 5-6-7 seconds protection in the pocket. Olines that can’t keep a clean pocket for at least 10 second are terrible. At least if Fields is the QB because that is what the coaches are teaching Fields. To hold on to the ball. If Fields had an actual good oline and coach he would be zipping it all over the field in split seconds from the the speedy drop back he would all of sudden start having.

Last edited 2 months ago by FootballAtArlington1
Dec 1, 2023 3:27 pm

I think Fields’ biggest problem is he has had so much pressure in the pocket from poor o-line play over the last 2 years that he keeps one eye on the pass rushers. I think once we get a line he can trust to keep him clean, he will be much better

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