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Eagles Beat Writer Encourages Giants to Trade for Leonard Floyd


The Chicago Bears have some tough decisions to make this offseason. Especially in regards to their payroll. Rumors persist that GM Ryan Pace would like to free up as much money as possible to make a splash or two this spring. This could prove difficult as most of the big contracts either involve players who can be moved because of guaranteed money or won’t be moved since they’re critical to the roster’s foundation. One wild card in that mix though is Leonard Floyd.

The former 1st round pick is set to make $13.222 million in 2020 thanks to his 5th year option. Given he produced just three sacks last season, that feels like an amount of money that isn’t worth the return. This is why some wonder if Pace might sacrifice the outside linebacker in the name of cap flexibility. The most ideal way is via trade to a team with more money who can use a player of his versatility.

One idea that was offered recently came via Bill Barnwell of ESPN, stating if the Bears were to somehow sign Tom Brady they could send Floyd to the New York Giants for a 6th round pick. Zack Rosenblatt of explored the idea in a recent column and seemed open to it. However, what makes this story hilarious is that Rosenblatt is a beat writer for the Giants’ hated rival Philadelphia Eagles.

Which is just perfect.

“Floyd isn’t quite the pass-rusher he once was, but the Giants are set to have significant cap space and can afford to take a flier on a proven player like the Bears linebacker, especially at a position of need.

The 27-year-old had seven sacks as a rookie in 2016 but has only managed 4.5, four and three sacks, respectively, in the three seasons since then. He did have 39 total pressures in 2019, per Pro Football Focus, which second only to Khalil Mack for Chicago.

At the very least, he’d be an upgrade over the Giants’ current collection of linebackers.”

Leonard Floyd certainly has a reputation these days

So run that back real quick. An Eagles beat writer is encouraging a key rival of his assigned team to trade for an outside linebacker who struggles to sack the quarterback. That is equal parts savage and hilarious. Obviously Rosenblatt is trying to be a professional in this instance but one can’t help feeling he didn’t resist the idea from the Giants’ perspective as much as some others might’ve. A reminder that the rivalry runs deep to this day.

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Jokes aside, it’s difficult to tell what the Bears will do with Floyd. Pace insisted the team wants to keep him around, feeling he brings value to the table with his coverage and run defense. It’s been suggested they might offer him a contract extension of some kind. One that would lower his overall cap hit to something more palatable. Whether the linebacker is open to such an idea? That is the big question.

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