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Did Seahawks GM Make Calculated Error In Russell Wilson Standoff?

Did Seahawks GM Make Calculated Error In Russell Wilson Standoff?
Jun 11, 2019; Renton, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) talks with general manager John Schneider following a minicamp practice at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Weird things continue to happen in Seattle. Nobody can say for sure what the Seahawks are trying to do with quarterback Russell Wilson. They haven’t said anything publicly for weeks. This despite their star quarterback venting his frustrations about the team and even offering a list of trade destinations. There is a belief around the NFL that momentum is building towards it actually happening.

The latest bit of evidence came on Friday. This was the date for the North Dakota State football pro day. A hot destination this year due to the presence of promising quarterback Trey Lance who just finished an undefeated career with the Bison. Plenty of top NFL brass was in attendance including Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace. Interestingly so was Seahawks GM John Schneider.

This was noteworthy for two reasons.

For one, Seattle doesn’t have a 1st round pick this year due to the Jamal Adams trade last season. All expectations are Lance will be taken in the 1st round and most likely in the top 10-15. So there is little logic behind Schneider being there unless he felt there was an outside possibility the Seahawks would have a chance to draft him.

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What makes it even more interesting is the message it sends. One would think if Schneider was committed to making things work with Wilson, he wouldn’t be spending time looking at other quarterbacks. Especially when the QB has never been happy when Seattle does that. Something that became clear when Schneider was spotted watching Josh Allen back in 2018. A move Jim Trotter of NFL Network revealed didn’t sit well with the Pro Bowler.

“When John Schneider went and watched Josh Allen’s pro day. Russell Wilson’s camp reached out and said, ‘Is there anything we need to know here? With all these changes going on, does this mean anything for Russell?'”

Russell Wilson trade continues to gain steam

It just feels like if Schneider were truly committed to making things work with Wilson, he wouldn’t have gone anywhere near that pro day. People continue to downplay it, saying the GM does this every year. Yet he knows it angers Wilson and has for years. With things so tense already in Seattle, it feels somewhat reckless to conduct business as usual.

This is why the idea of a trade isn’t going away and is in fact getting bigger. Reports continue flooding in that the Bears are active in their efforts to get Russell Wilson to Chicago. They’re willing to offer a massive package that could include several high picks and even players. The longer Seattle remains silent, the harder it becomes to believe they plan to keep Wilson.

Does this guarantee a trade? No.

Things can change fast in the NFL. Wilson could reverse course and decide to stay. Seattle may decide to cave to his demands for change. Neither possibility seems likely though. Both sides appear dug in. Some big egos are involved and a lot of frustration. Enough to where the Seahawks may actually be content in moving on rather than continue dealing with the drama.

Schneider’s actions have said more than enough to this point. He’s been looking for an exit door for a few years now. Wilson is tired of being toyed with and not treated like the guy. So he wants to go somewhere that will.

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