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Dane Brugler Has Update On If Bears Will Trade The #1 Pick


The Chicago Bears are already the biggest topic of any team this 2023 off-season. That isn’t a surprise. They control the flow of how everything could unfold over the next three months. Not only do they have the most salary cap space in free agency, but they also hold the #1 overall pick in the draft. Since they already have a quarterback, it’s creating confusion about what they might do. Some think GM Ryan Poles will stay put and take the best defender on his board. Others believe he will look to trade the pick. Dane Brugler of The Athletic is one of the most respected draft experts out there.

He stopped by the Hoge & Jahns podcast to discuss the incoming class. Based on his evaluations, the Bears should be happy with this group. It has quality in several areas of need, such as pass rushers and offensive linemen. The Bears could take advantage if they play their cards right. It starts with what they do at #1. Adam Jahns asked the question directly. What is the buzz Brugler is hearing? His response offered another telling sign that things could get interesting over the next few weeks.

Dane Brugler has the correct assessment.

Two factors will determine if and when the Bears trade the pick. One is their evaluations of Jalen Carter and Will Anderson. If Poles feels he can’t afford to miss out on one of them, then he limits the possibilities of trade landing spots. Houston at #2 and Indianapolis at #4 are the only realistic choices. Then there are the quarterbacks. They are the ones who will drive the trade buzz. Teams need to get a better feel for them through interviews and workouts. That is often where infatuation is born. Ask Ryan Pace about Mitch Trubisky.

No serious movement will likely happen on this front until the scouting combine and pro days are over in mid-March. By then, teams should have their answers. The Bears have already received calls about the #1 pick. So interest is there. They must wait until other teams pinpoint the guy they want. Dane Brugler seems to think each of the top four has strong selling points but also question marks. The separation between them should happen once they get in front of coaches and GMs during interviews.

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Robin Leaches
Robin Leaches
Feb 8, 2023 6:12 pm

Id feel much better about this whole thing if Erik would just reach out to Poles for a job in the front office. We need him in Poles ear to parrot all the draft buzz so Poles doesn’t make any miscalculation

Feb 8, 2023 10:10 am

Right now this roster doesn’t need the top two defensive players because it’s not at that point yet. We must get a number one at least for next year and trade down this year to setup the roster for next year’s best players so we are not doing this backwards. We must build an offense around JF because throughout our history we have built great defenses and had poor offenses. If we are to evaluate JF properly we must surround him with protection and weapons and only then can we see who he can truly be. This roster needs starters… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by carlitopen
Feb 7, 2023 11:11 pm

I dont think WA or JC are really must haves for this team (Unless they strike out bad with Free agents) hopefully a good trade down or two can happen we grab a OL and possibly WR. I dont think Defense should be a high priority with a Defensive coach let him coach up later picks and average type vets. This team has NEVER built an Offensive team they can build a great Defense time and time again GET THE O FIXED 1st is all I’m saying

Feb 7, 2023 9:22 pm

I think we trade down to 4 with Indy. If the Bears still dont like the PERFECT PERSON, they may trade down again with Atl or Car to get a haul and make 3 first rd picks this year.

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