Friday, July 1, 2022

Chicago Bears Draft Weekend Fittingly Began With Insane Trade Theory


The NFL draft never fails to bring out some crazy idea every single year. People do their best to predict the unexpected because teams always seem to pull off something the entire viewing public never sees coming. It is no different for the Chicago Bears. With no 1st round pick this year, many wonder if GM Ryan Poles might pull a rabbit out of his hat to find his way in, hoping to secure a player he covets.

That is challenging since he only has six picks total. He doesn’t have enough flexibility. Not unless he’s willing to give up picks in 2023. That or a player on his roster. It is here where the insanity took hold. Mere hours before the start of the 2022 draft, longtime Bears beat writer Hub Arkus of Shaw Media delivered the theory nobody expected, and even fewer believe has any prayer of happening.

The idea behind this is obvious.

Arkush believes the Bears are in rebuilding mode. Smith is one of the best young linebackers in football, but his contract is coming up. If another team is willing to offer a 1st round pick for him, Poles might do well for his team by accepting the deal and pocketing the money. Here’s the thing, though. That 1st round pick guarantees the Bears nothing. It’s a glorified lottery ticket. The team already knows one thing for certain. Smith is a good football player. A really good one that is entering his prime.

He’s also an excellent fit for Matt Eberflus’ new 4-3 defense. Unloading him makes no sense. Not unless another team’s offer is so ridiculous Poles has no choice. This is the type of player that smart teams keep. Somebody who, with good health, has a strong chance to be in the Hall of Fame one day. That is the trajectory Smith is on. The Chicago Bears have a metric ton of cap space coming next year. They can more than afford to pay his price when the time comes.

Draft time is exciting, and everybody wants in on the fun. However, there are times when a team can’t overthink something. Smith isn’t going anywhere.

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