Sunday, August 14, 2022

Changes Are Indeed Likely Coming To Chicago Bears Front Office


The Matt Nagy question is settled by now. All signs point to the head coach exiting after the end of the regular season on January 9th. The Chicago Bears intend to do what they’ve always done. Let the coach finish out the string. There is a bigger question that remains unanswered at this point. That being whether the changes will go higher up the chain with GM Ryan Pace and his front office.

Insiders seem divided on this. Some believe Pace ends up staying while others have reported the organization is researching replacements. Based on a recent update from a source, it is believed changes are absolutely coming to the front office. George McCaskey seems intent on an organizational shakeup. Details are scarce but it is likely this goes one of two ways. Either Pace it out as GM or he stays and has to overhaul his front office.

So either way, somebody is getting fired next month.

Not unexpected. Teams don’t tend to maintain the status quo after starting a season 5-10. There can be no doubt 2021 was a massive disappointment in McCaskey’s eyes. He expressed a desire to see “progress” after two years of finishing 8-8. Progress Nagy and Pace insisted they could deliver when the chairman chose to keep them. Instead, the team went in the opposite direction. Dogged by health issues, a defensive regression, and ongoing offensive ineptitude.

Nagy can’t be trusted to develop Justin Fields into the quarterback he can be. Pace can’t be trusted to find the guy who can, not to mention the necessary weapons and blocking the kid will need to have success. Never mind his only having one winning season since he took over in 2015. As much as they may like Pace the person, it seems to have become too difficult to justify rewarding mediocrity. Not unless he can talk his way out of it.

Chicago Bears are keeping an open mind in this process

McCaskey is seeking counsel from people outside the organization. This includes other owners but also current and former head coaches. People with top credibility around the league. He is doing everything in his power to get the best advice he can before making what might be the most important decision of his career. If he gets it right, the Bears could be set up for years of success headlined by Fields.

The focus seems to be on finding a leader. Somebody that can galvanize a locker room and has a single-minded focus on winning. Not to mention an emphasis on team discipline. A problem that haunted Nagy over the past two years. In terms of background? It is secondary. The Chicago Bears aren’t focused on strictly offensive or defensive guys. They’re trying to find the best head coach. Period.

This would be the correct approach.

As easy of a sell as it is to put Fields with the best offensive mind they can land, the reality is not all great offensive minds are meant to be head coaches. Guys like John Harbaugh, Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, Pete Carroll, Sean McDermott, and Ron Rivera have done just fine developing quarterbacks to great success. None of them came from offensive backgrounds. Good head coaches find the right guys for that job. So it will come down to who has the best plan and makes the best impression.

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