The Deshaun Watson saga down in Houston figures to dominate NFL headlines for the next month and a half. Maybe longer. The star quarterback is disillusioned with the Texans and reportedly fed up with ownership. There is some speculation Houston may try to hire the right head coach in order to placate their franchise cornerstone but Chris Mortensen of ESPN pretty much squashed those rumors, saying it’s gotten to a point where it wouldn’t matter who they hire. Watson is done.

This is why there is a strong belief the Chicago Bears and other teams will be active in reaching out to Houston about potential trades. Thus far the Texans have resisted all inquiries, insisting they have no plays to deal Watson. For his part, the quarterback hasn’t requested a trade yet either. Insiders though feel it’s only a matter of time.

The question becomes where will he go and how much will it cost?

That second part is the biggest point of discussion. Watson’s situation is incredibly unique. There’s never been a point in time where a superstar quarterback was available via trade in the middle of his prime. He is only 25-years old and already a three-time Pro Bowler. The guy is among the NFL elite. Gauging his ultimate worth in a trade is difficult. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune though has heard rumblings and the cost may not be what people think.

“One rumor going around the league last week was the Texans would ask for at least two first-round picks and a franchise-type player in return for Watson.”

This is actually somewhat lower than what others have speculated. Many claim it would take at least three 1st round picks and a player for Watson. If this projected price is closer to reality, it bodes well for the Bears since they wouldn’t have to pay as much. It puts them a little more into the conversation for being able to construct a viable package.

Bears do plan to pursue Deshaun Watson

As stated in a prior article, there is no question regarding this for the Bears. They have every intention of being involved in the Watson sweepstakes. Head coach Matt Nagy is a big fan and has been since back in 2017. He represents the legitimate star quarterback the coach has pined for. With a lot of jobs on the line, it’s not hard to imagine the Bears doing whatever it takes to make a deal happen.

The tricky part is the package itself. Offering the two 1st round picks is easy. The franchise player? That is different. Khalil Mack? Eddie Jackson? Kyle Fuller? None of those names will entice Houston. They’re on the older side of their careers and also carrying hefty contracts. The Texans have cap issues of their own to deal with. If one player stands out as a possibility? It would be Roquan Smith. He’s only 23-years old, still on his rookie contract, and has played at an All-Pro level for close to two years now.

Standout rookie cornerback Jaylon Johnson is another possibility as well.

Would either of those guys draw interest? It’s hard to say. Smart money says probably not but they would at least make for solid value in a wider package. Maybe the Bears throw another high pick in to sweeten the pot. The bottom line is Deshaun Watson is worth it. He’s a legitimate franchise quarterback. Somebody who can guide the ship for the next decade. If the Bears are giving Pace one more swing, this is the ball to swing at.