Thursday, December 7, 2023

Another Former Bear Took A Casual Snipe At Matt Eberflus


The Chicago Bears are a mess. They played one of their best games in years on Sunday but still found a way to cough it up against the Detroit Lions. Yet it wasn’t even the first monumental collapse for Matt Eberflus this season. He also has the stink of losing a 28-7 second-half lead against Denver a few weeks ago. There isn’t much else to say at this point. Eberflus has six victories in 28 games. That is by far the worst record a Bears head coach has ever had. He’s never even had a winning streak and is winless against the division. It is incredible to think the organization somehow found a way to do a lot worse than Matt Nagy.

Fans and media alike have taken their shots, which is no surprise. Where it gets far more interesting is even former Bears players are getting in on it. Martellus Bennett was the first to say something. At the end of a long Twitter thread explaining why he feels the McCaskeys are the reason this organization is directionless, he delivered an offhanded comment the team isn’t winning anything with Eberflus in charge.

He wasn’t the only one. Barely an hour later, former fullback Jason McKie delivered his own comment. It was far more succinct, with way more bite.

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Matt Eberflus isn’t the guy.

Yes, it’s acknowledged the Bears don’t like firing head coaches before reaching three seasons in charge. However, special considerations must be made. It was obvious beyond a doubt that Marc Trestman had completely lost control of the locker room in 2014. He had to go. While Eberflus may have no such issue, his problem is more on the field. He can’t win. Plain and simple. The guy is now 2-11 in one-score games. That means his team almost always finds a way to fold under pressure when the finish is close.

Somebody like that isn’t leading your franchise to a championship. In hindsight, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Throughout his entire NFL coaching career, Matt Eberflus has never once coached a game beyond the divisional round of the playoffs. His primary work came in Dallas and Indianapolis, two teams that have built reputations for folding under pressure in big games over the past decade. Eberflus seems to have brought those yippy tendencies with him. He doesn’t know the right buttons to push. The evidence is overwhelming. A change is needed.


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Nov 21, 2023 2:59 pm

I don’t think the Bears folded. I think they were ordered not to win.
It wouldn’t surprise me if I found out that Fields was ordered to be sacked and to fumble after the defense used their matador defense against Jared (G.O.A.T) Goff, so he could score a couple times. I can just imagine what they would have done, had Jared fallen on his face without bringing home a score.

Wes P
Wes P
Nov 21, 2023 10:14 am

It would be unreasonable to hold Eberflus responsible for some of the losses last year when the Bears simply didn’t have the talent needed to win. However, not this year! The Bears have significantly more talent and even though they aren’t done with the rebuild they never should have lost to Denver or Detroit this year. I blame these losses on the coaching staff and the play calling. When they stopped being the aggressor and became so conservative that they literally surrounded.

Nov 21, 2023 10:11 am

There is no one to replace the coach with atm. The season is too far along. D coordinator already fired. O coordinator is no better. Poles will say all the right things for now. He’s not the knee jerk reaction type. Nor throw people under the bus. He won’t be able to find a good coach in the future if he starts bashing the staff now. He will play it cool and thank Matt after the season is over then replace him. That’s how professional GMs act. And ownership has turned everything over to the president and GM. Bashing George… Read more »

Nov 21, 2023 8:06 am

Tried, I agree 100%.
Butler741, do you really think ownership cares ad long as there are buttons in the seats and they are spending money for drinks and food?

Nov 21, 2023 7:08 am

Poles is a bit of a hypocrite. He says analytics matter in play calling. He says measurables matter in player selection. But he has a coach that lost 2 games in the same season where the team had over a 98% chance of victory. That has the worst record in Bears history. That has never beaten a Division rival in 9 tries. That has never won 2 games in a row. Yet he does nothing. 40 years of being a fan of the team and I never considered changing sides. It’s getting close to that. You better wake up or… Read more »

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