Matt Nagy believes in the power of positivity. Focusing on the negative never does anybody any favors. This isn’t a bad mindset to have. Unfortunately, positivity alone isn’t going to bring success in the NFL. It’s a results-based business. Right now the Chicago Bears head coach isn’t getting results. For that reason, many have started to speculate about his job security beyond 2020.

It is crazy to think this is already a conversation. In January of 2019, the man was flying high. He’d just led his team to a 12-4 record, a division championship, and was named NFL Coach of the Year. Things seemed bright for him and the Bears. Then it all sort of fizzled out. The first cracks began to show in the 2019 opener when they were shut down 10-3 by Green Bay. A warning sign that his offense may not be as advertised.

Time quickly proved those concerns to be valid.

Now here he sits. After started 12-4 in his career, Nagy is 13-13 since, and that figures to get even worse the way the team is falling apart. If that weren’t bad enough his offense has gone from 21st, to 29th, and now 31st. One of the worst in the NFL and possibly in franchise history. Which is saying something. Remember this is a guy who was lauded as an offensive specialist from Kansas City. An Andy Reid disciple.

For him to hand over play-calling duties last week because the offense was that bad? It felt like an admission of defeat more than anything. The move didn’t help either. Nagy was hired to win and to elevate the Bears’ ability to score. He was doing the former for a while but that has stopped, which in turn has exposed how ugly the latter has gone.

This is why there is widespread speculation he could be out of a job come January. SM already reported George McCaskey is furious with the state of the team. Insider Tony Pauline of Pro Football Network confirmed on his Draft Insiders show that all the latest buzz points to the Bears firing Matt Nagy after the season ends.

Matt Nagy has six games left to save his career

Players have yet to show any signs of discontent. In fact, star kick returner Cordarrelle Patterson openly voiced his support for Nagy on Twitter recently. This can be taken as a sign that the coach hasn’t lost the locker room. They continue to play hard for him. Another reminder that he remains a capable leader despite his other shortcomings.

Head coaches though get paid for more than leadership. They get paid to solve problems. Right now the Bears have a ton of problems that are slowly sinking their season and Nagy hasn’t shown an ability to solve any of them. With the bye week ahead, he has a lot of soul searching to do. Is there anything he hasn’t tried yet? If so, he better try it.

Six games.

That is all that remains in this season. The Bears need to win at least four of them to post a winning record and probably five if they want any shot at the playoffs. Given how this team has played over the past month? That feels impossible. Especially with the Green Bay Packers up next. A team that has relished delivering the kill shot on previous Bears regimes. Ask Marc Trestman, Dick Jauron, and Dave Wannstedt.

Matt Nagy is 1-3 against them in his career. Another sign that he might not be right for this franchise.