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14 Thoughts On The Bears’ Wild Comeback Win Over The Seahawks


Dhruv Koul shares his in-game reactions, thoughts and observations from the Bears-Seahawks game at Lumen Field in snowy Seattle.  Follow him on Twitter @DhruvKoul to continue the conversation.

SEATTLE — Admittedly, this post-Christmas Day “showdown” between the 4-10 Chicago Bears and 5-9 Seattle Seahawks lost its luster several weeks ago.  The story in the offseason was Russell Wilson and the almost-trade to Chicago.  Alas, Pete Carroll nixed the trade and the Bears eventually ended up with Justin Fields.  Hence, the Fields-Wilson Bowl was the story.

And when Justin Fields was a “DNP” in practice this week, the whole point of this game kinda went out the door for many Bears fans.

Even weirder, a future fixture on the Bears’ OL wasn’t expected to start today, given what Matt Nagy said on Friday:

Seems extremely strange to me.  So Nick Foles starting at QB and Germain Ifedi (REVENGE GAME!) starting at RT.


On the bright side, it was snowy as hell in Seattle for this one: a joy to watch.  And in the end, the Bears came back from 10 points down in the second half to escape with a wild win in snowy Seattle.

I shared my in-game reactions, thoughts and observations from the game below.  Follow me on Twitter @DhruvKoul to continue the conversation.

Thoughts and Observations

1a.  Seattle is a beautiful city.  One of my favorites in the country.  Lumen Field (formerly CenturyLink Field) is awesome, and when the Seahawks are good (which they aren’t this year), the crowd noise is something to behold.  Add in a snow game, and you’ve got a wonderful spectacle.

No matter the Bears’ starting QB, record, or anything else, this game was fun to watch.

1b.  Oh, by the way:

Even though Detroit lost in Atlanta, if the Bears lose out and the Lions win their final two, the Bears would finish last.  Whew.

2.  This is some start to the game.  After the two teams exchanged 3 and outs, the Seahawks drove down the field with intent, scoring a touchdown on a deep ball from Russell Wilson to DK Metcalf.

On the Bears’ ensuing drive, they converted a couple third downs (including one on DPI) to get a 1st and Goal at the four-yard line.  They couldn’t score, as Nick Foles’ 4th and Goal throw to the flat to David Montgomery had no chance, despite being completed.

3.  After the Bears held the Seahawks to a punt out of their own end zone, Dazz Newsome showed off his speed to set up Chicago in the red zone.  Newsome has had an active role in today’s game and been fun to watch.  He can absolutely take over the punt return duties next season (unless Chicago brings back Jakeem Grant).

The Bears proceeded to overcome a hold on first down and score a touchdown, which included a nice third-down conversion to Montgomery.  Game tied at 7.

4.  Didn’t take long for the Seahawks to jump on the Bears after that.  They hold a 17-7 lead on the Bears after Artie Burns failed to come down with an INT in the end zone.

I get Bears fans don’t care about watching Burns, but frankly, he is a veteran option to bring back next year for depth.

Meanwhile, the Bears losing out on valuable reps due to Teven Jenkins’ injury hurts a lot.  Larry Borom forced to take over at LT.

Just a brutally weird showing in Seattle in so far.

5.  Watching Nick Foles has been painful this afternoon.  But the reality is the Bears are stuck for this game.  The hope should be Justin Fields returns next week at Soldier Field against the New York Giants.

6.  Germain Ifedi’s revenge game hasn’t gone well today.  Carlos Dunlap is abusing him.  Again, why was he named a captain for today?  Why was he starting?  Sheesh.

Just fire this coaching staff already.  I’m not a fan who starts chanting “Fire Nagy!” to no one in particular.  But the misery is extending to those of us who cover the team.

7.  Deon Bush has two nice PBUs today, but he dropped an INT on a Russell Wilson toss into double coverage.  Luckily, Wilson airmailed Metcalf on third down to force a punt.

The Bears then executed a solid drive down the field, aided by a 21-yard PI on the first play, to score a touchdown.  A 20-yard TD run by Khalil Herbert made it 17-14, Seahawks.

Solid drive, including a big RB screen that gained a first down!

8.  The number of times this season that the Bears’ defense has relented a touchdown after the offense scored a touchdown?  Countless, it seems.  Too easy for the Seahawks.  24-14, Seattle.

9.  Bears’ red zone offense strikes again.  Chicago was probably lucky to get a first and goal.

Alas, it wouldn’t matter.  This red zone offense is absolutely brutal.

10.  Robert Quinn sacked Russell Wilson for #17 on the season.  What a star.  He’s 0.5 sacks away from Richard Dent’s record.

And that sack pushed the Seahawks just far back enough to impact the FG attempt.

11.  Of course, the Bears couldn’t do anything with it, as Nick Foles passed up an easy first down conversion with his legs and instead lofted a pass that had no real chance.

Luckily for the Bears, they were able to push Seattle out of FG range, so they will have another shot at this:

12.  What an absolutely mental drive by the Bears.

A BIG MAN catch and run by Darnell Mooney picked up 20+, and 15 more on a roughing the passer put the Bears in Seattle territory.

After a sack on 1st and 10 from the 11, Jimmy Graham made an absolutely insane catch for a touchdown on 3rd and 14.

And they weren’t done.  They went for two and Damiere Byrd made one of the most incredible plays for the conversion I’ve ever seen.  The Bears lead!

13.  The Bears actually get a stop on 4th and 6 and they escape Seattle with a win.  Wow!  They clinch third place in the NFC North with that win.

That was a LOT of fun.

14.  The Bears continue the death march next Sunday at Soldier Field.  Hopefully Justin Fields can play to get some evaluation in.  But who cares, really.

The interesting thing to monitor will be if the Bears fire Matt Nagy with two games left and the interview window now open.  Monday should be interesting.

Early prediction: Bears 13, Giants 10.

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