Ian Rapoport provided an update a couple of weeks ago that the Chicago Bears are getting some interest on the trade market for wide receiver Anthony Miller. Thus far a deal hasn’t happened yet but it looks like something will eventually. This isn’t a huge surprise. Miller regressed in 2020 and seems to have fallen into the doghouse for not only the coaches but even George McCaskey as well.

Usually, when that happens, a player isn’t going to be on the roster much longer. What people might not be prepared for is the possibility another receiver on the roster could be traded as well. A source informed SM that some NFL teams are at least poking around the availability of Allen Robinson. The Bears franchise tagged him prior to the start of free agency and he signed the contract shortly after.

So he is locked in to play in 2021.

Chicago has until July 15th to negotiate a long-term extension. Given the absence of any progress on that front, there are some who believe Robinson is in his last year with the Bears. That puts GM Ryan Pace in a difficult spot. Does he keep the stud receiver around in hopes he can help them win this year, or does he try to get the best possible value for him in a trade? The belief is the Bears are listening to offers.

Even though this upcoming draft is reportedly deep at the receiver position, some teams may not be willing to chance it. They’d rather have a proven Pro Bowl-caliber guy who is still just 27-years old. Of course, that will also come with the need to pay him a fresh contract, so the number of teams interested could be somewhat narrow. A few that could make sense?

Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and New England.

Can the Bears afford to trade Anthony Miller and Robinson?

That would be a major gamble. It would leave them with only one viable receiver on the roster in Darnell Mooney and nobody can accuse him of being a #1 guy. This means the Bears would have to do some serious restructuring of the depth chart. Free agency doesn’t offer much help outside of aged veterans and castoffs from other teams who never really panned out. This means the Bears would be active in the draft.

All things considered? It doesn’t seem likely unless they’re 100% certain Robinson isn’t coming back after this year. Then if the Bears feel they can get more than a 3rd round pick for him (which is the likely compensatory selection they’d receive for him leaving in free agency) then they need to do it. Grabbing an extra 5th or 6th for Anthony Miller would give them double-digit picks for this draft.

That offers a prime opportunity to reload the roster.

Chicago has an age problem in a number of spots. Especially on defense. Having that many picks would enable them to start adding some young blood to the mix and hopefully keep their playoff window open longer. Hitting on a quarterback would certainly help. Who knows. If the Bears manage to land one, that might convince Robinson to stick around.

Educated to be a writer at the prestigious Columbia College in Chicago, Erik has spent the past 10 years covering the Bears.