It’s been a conversation covered to the point of exhaustion at this point. Everybody knows the situation. Carson Wentz is likely to be traded by the Philadelphia Eagles. It a matter of when not if. The 28-year old QB wants out, feeling he no longer has the backing of the organization. Two teams are frontrunners for him at the moment in the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts with others like Carolina and San Francisco monitoring.

Initial expectations were the deal would get done early this week. However, after a strong surge of rumors, it appears things have cooled off. Multiple insiders have hinted that both Indianapolis and Chicago remain firm with their offers to Philadelphia. GM Howie Roseman doesn’t seem satisfied with them and has worked hard to bring other teams into the mix, attempting to drive the price up.

The question now is who will blink first?

Roseman has until early March to make a decision. That is when guarantees in Wentz’s contract will become official, making any hopes of a trade even more difficult. This is a big reason why the Eagles have attempted to get something done sooner than later. The problem is he doesn’t have ideal leverage. Everybody knows Wentz wants out. They know he had the worst season of his career in 2020 and that the Eagles have a brutal salary cap situation.

This is why his value is significantly lower than Matthew Stafford, Derek Carr, and especially Deshaun Watson. The Eagles wanted two 1st round picks but that isn’t happening. Whatever the Bears and Colts have offered isn’t getting it done, thus the standoff continues. As this unfolds, a source informed me that Chicago has begun to explore other avenues. A clear signal they might be unwilling to wait forever on Wentz.

Chicago Bears have no reason or desire to wait

They have a lot of business to attend to beyond the quarterback position. It’s obviously the most important, but they have other things to attend to. Specifically the future regarding wide receiver Allen Robinson. Whomever they acquire at QB could go a long way in determining how his contract negotiations leading towards the start of the league year may go.

In terms of the other quarterbacks, they’re watching? Obviously, Watson is one of them. He’s the top option on their board. However, the Houston Texans don’t seem interesting in discussion trades with anybody at the moment. They’re committed to trying to convince the quarterback to stay. Another name they’re watching is Carr. While the Las Vegas Raiders aren’t shopping the 30-year old, they have been listening to offers.

Another name they’re watching? Sam Darnold.

The former #3 overall pick in 2018 had a rocky first three seasons in New York playing on some bad Jets teams. It’s obvious he’ll need work, but the kid is still just 23-years old and has plenty of talent. With the Jets holding the #2 overall pick, there is a strong possibility they could look to start fresh at quarterback, which would make Darnold available.

There is also the draft that remains in play as well. Make no mistake. Their interest in Wentz is real, but GM Ryan Pace isn’t going to be lured into bidding against himself. He has an offer on the table he feels is fair. It’s up to the Eagles to take it or leave it.