Monday, November 29, 2021

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Chicago Doesn’t Need An Elite Quarterback, They Need A Tom Brady

Everyone is trying to guess who the next elite quarterback will be, but that's not what Chicago necessarily needs.

The Obvious Left Tackle Solution That’s Staring the Chicago Bears In The Face

There's a solution to left tackle that Chicago is ignoring, why?

The Chicago Bears Prove They Don’t Give A Shit About The Fans

The Chicago Bears proved once again that satisfying the fans is not their objective.

All Signs Point To Non-First-Round Quarterback For The Bears

Recent reports indicate the Bears will likely be going in another direction when it comes to the third overall pick.

Exciting Group Of Young Cornerbacks Available For Chicago In Free Agency

The Bears will have a great group of corners to sign in this year's free agency pool.

History Says There’s A Blueprint From Worst To First And The Bears Are Following It

The Bears have been in an extremely familiar situation before and they went from worst to first.

Forgotten Quarterback Could Be The Secret To Fixing The Chicago Bears

Everyone keeps talking about new quarterbacks for the Bears, few are mentioning the importance of one they already have.

Elite Ball Hawk Becoming Serious Candidate To Be Drafted By Chicago

The Chicago Bears could draft Malik Hooker to instantly upgrade their defensive backfield with an elite ball hawk.