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Robert Dean

Robert Dean is a writer, journalist, and cynic. His most recent novel, The Red Seven was called “rich in vivid imagery, quirky characterizations, and no holds barred violence and mayhem. I never knew what the word ‘romp’ really meant until now, but in case you’re wondering, this is it” by Shotgun Logic. Some of his essays have been featured in Jackson Free Press, Victoria Advocate, and Fatherly. He’s a regular contributor to The Austin American Statesman. He’s also been on NPR. He lives in Austin and likes ice cream and koalas.

The Weirdest White Sox Offseason Is Also the Best, Too

Being a Chicago White Sox fan in 2020 is a paradox. One minute, it's something good, weird,...

2020 Might Suck, But This Year’s World Series Will Be Great

The sports culture is weird—especially baseball. Stats and facts dominate the sport. Everyone wants to know the...

This Season, It’s About Chicago

Everything sucks right now. We’re all stuck in this half frightening, half normalized holding pattern that doesn’t...

Is The Astros Sign Stealing Scandal Overblown? Probably.

For the entirety of Spring Training and likely into the start of the baseball season, we’re going...

Baseball’s Culture Problem Starts With Tim Anderson

Major League Baseball has an issue with culture. Despite the national pastime’s ingrained influence, with its spoken and unspoken rules threaded throughout the American DNA, the game hasn’t evolved as basketball and football.

Foot, Meet Mouth: A Kenny Williams Story

To say that the Chicago White Sox offseason has been a failure would be putting it lightly.

There’s No Balm To Cure The Never-Ending Sting of Being a Chicago White Sox Fan

Bryce Harper doesn’t have a team yet.Give us a reason to believe in the south side...

Pass Me A Beer: This MLB Offseason Has Been Exhausting

This offseason has been exhausting for baseball fans. It's high time everyone who's unemployed stopped playing cat and mouse and slip on their new uniforms and get to work.