Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Joey Gelman

I am an avid Chicago Sports Fan and bleed Illini Orange and Blue (Even if they've forgotten how to play football). The Bears are my second religion and I always want to engage with YOU to talk about the most exciting, frustrating and historic Chicago sports moments. I am a proud graduate of the University of Illinois with an extensive background in Sports Broadcasting, Television, Video, Radio, Podcasting Writing and more! Follow me on twitter @joeygelman

Tim Anderson Takes Home A.L Player Of The Month After Monster Start To 2019

Tim Anderson adds A.L Player of the Month to his incredible start to 2019!

What If Matt Nagy Coached Devin Hester?

With the Bears building one of the most potent offenses in the league, it begs the question of if Devin Hester would have thrived in a Matt Nagy Offense?

MLB Is Failing To Spread The Stardom Of Javy Baez

Javier Baez is a star but you wouldnt know it outside of Chicago thanks to MLB's restrictive media rights and lack of video game, causing a new generation of fans to miss out on the league's most exciting player.

Bears Fans, You Can Skip The NFL Draft, Your Team Is Already Set For Super Bowl Contention

Bears' fans are used to putting all of their hope into who the Bears select in the NFL Draft. Fans can now breathe easy as no matter who they draft, the team is already a Super Bowl contender.

How Can Illinois Finally Put The Chief Debate To Rest? Just Win

Illinois can never seem to rid itself of the Chief Illiniwek debate. But at the end of the day, the controversy and conversation surrounding the retired symbol will go away with one thing, and that's winning.

Kyler Murray Should’ve Chosen The MLB, Is It Too Late To Call Jeff Samardzija For Advice?

Kyler Murray had a big decision to make, and his choice to declare for the NFL Draft may be the wrong one. If history tells us anything, he should've chosen the path of Jeff Samardzija, and taken the guaranteed money and less risk that the MLB has to offer.

Derrick Rose Evolved, The Bulls Sadly Have Not

Derrick Rose evolved his game into what the modern NBA requires. The Bulls however, continue to lack that type of scoring and three-point threat with an offensive philosophy that dates back a decade.

The Bulls Can’t Find The Reset Button… Can They Ask The Bears Where It Is?

The Bulls are in desperate need of a change at General Manager. Can they take a page out of the Bears playbook and start over? History says no.