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What Do “Insiders” Actually Reveal? It Depends On Who The Insider is


The internet is filled with hundreds of websites. inundating fans with thousands of articles every day. From local newspapers to national publications to websites devoted to every sports team on the planet, there are more stories each day, one can never find them all. Writers have strong opinions, and we often see narratives pushed in an effort to increase their views. More views equals more subscribers. It’s endless.

Also endless are the opinions of the readers. Chicago fans are no different. Social media is filled with fans looking for a quick fix for the Bears.

When Ryan Poles was hired, he set out on what was described as a plan that would take a minimum of three years, if not four, to rebuild Chicago into a team that could contend for years to come. Poles boasted a desire to build an organization that would dominate the NFC North and “never give it back.”

Fans want immediate results. And writers add fuel to that fire.

Insiders are the go-to for writers to help prove their point. Insiders, though, can also be pushing their own narratives. Let’s look at a recent “insider story” involving the Bears. Touted as the Athletic’s top NFL Insider, Dianna Russini talked about various NFL storylines and touched on the Bears. Her story was about how the new President of Operations, Kevin Warren, would be taking an increased role within the organization, including coaching and personnel changes. She opined that would lead to sweeping changes, including the termination of current GM, Ryan Poles.

Ryan Poles has done exceptional work building this team one year after tearing it down. The team now has several building blocks where once there were none. Montez Sweat, Billings, Edwards, Stevenson, Brisker, Gordon, and Dexter are solid pieces to build a top-tier defense. The offensive line is getting close and appears to be just a top-five center away from being a dominant line. DJ Moore, Cole Kmet, Khalil Herbert, and Roschon Johnson provide excellent weapons for the offense.

After Russini’s story broke, it was debunked immediately by two local Chicago “Insiders.” Both Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune and WGN’s Jarrett Payton voiced their disagreement over the Poles’ termination innuendo.

Hearing from insiders won’t stop. Anywhere there is an audience, an insider will feed their fans with what they want to hear.

Ryan Poles’ job status should not be up for conversation. He set a course and has diligently followed said course, and if not for two 4th-quarter collapses, the Bears should be in playoff contention.

The Detroit Lions have been a laughingstock for decades. Imagine for a moment where Detroit might be if ownership had fired Dan Campell midway through his second year at the helm of the Lions. Most would be shocked to learn Campbell’s record after the 12th game of his second season was only 8-20-1. after beginning 2022 5-7, Detroit finished with four wins in their last five games to finish 9-8.

Matt Eberflus has endured a season seeing two coaches terminated for HR problems, His starting QB injured and forced to sit for 4 1/2 games and an offensive line that never has had their original starters in the game one time. The Bears’ record 12 games into Eberflus’ second season is 7-22. Almost identical to Campbell’s record in Detroit.

Many writers and thousands of fans started calling for the firing of Eberflus after their embarrassing loss to Green Bay in the 2023 season opener. Losing four straight games to start the season made the call louder. Since then, Chicago is 4-4 and has edged their way into contention for a postseason berth.

What happens in these last five weeks may very well determine the fate of Matt Eberflus and the entire coaching staff, but if the season ended today, there is a strong belief Poles and Eberflus will continue to move this team forward in 2024.


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Dec 5, 2023 11:52 am

To Mike Hslatek, Yes, I would want to move on from a Simpleton like Eberfluss. You realize his little acronym (so cleverly put together as HITS) is the most basic expectation of any player on any team? Name a coach that doesn’t want hustle, intensity, turnovers etc? How innovative. We’re going to forget all the things that they do wrong after a few wins like the Vikings without their best players or Carolina? Are we really hanging on that? I need a undertalented team to come out and understand the simple things like snap count. Let’s incorporate that into HITS… Read more »

Dec 5, 2023 8:27 am

@ Sam K. Very astute observation, Sam. Everybody talks about safety being a big need but if you recall early on when almost the whole starting secondary was hurt, Everyone to a man played very well. I think there are bigger needs with both lines (Both starting and depth), another quarterback to challenge for the starter. (If he wins, Fields goes, Bagent stays) and probably another reciever. Really hope they can come to terms with Johnson and Mooney.

Dec 4, 2023 9:20 pm

Comparing Eberfluss to Campbell isn’t evidence of anything. Eberfluss has shown so many ways that he’s not ready for this job. He whiffed on both coordinators jobs. Badly. Cmpbell got the wrong OC in 1st year and the right DC. He replaced the wrong OC with Ben Johnson who is now looking at a HC job this offseason. Fluss’ teams don’t look prepared just like he and his staff look unprepared.

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