Tuesday, June 4, 2024

White Sox Are “Open For Business” Per New Report


The MLB trade deadline is less than two months away, and rumors about who will be on the move are swirling. The 15-45 White Sox are going nowhere this season and must continue accumulating young talent. They will undoubtedly be sellers. Jeff Passan of ESPN published an article earlier today and offered some insight into what Chicago’s plan of attack could be ahead of the July 30th deadline.

Obvious White Sox Trade Chips

Several White Sox players Passan mentioned are obvious trade candidates. Erick Fedde, Michael Kopech, and Tommy Pham fit into that category. Fedde and Kopech each have a season and a half of team control, while Pham is a rental. All three will get traded. Each has varying degrees of trade value, and their timelines do not align with the team’s. Fedde likely has the most trade value of this tier, followed by Kopech and then Pham.

Other Players Who Could Be On The Move

Passan also mentioned other White Sox players who could be on the move, including Paul DeJong, Tim Hill, and Mike Clevinger. All are free agents after this season, so trading them makes sense. The White Sox will not get anything of significance for any of them, but turning veterans signed to short-term deals into players who could be part of the future is better than nothing.

White Sox “Willing” To Trade Robert Jr. and Crochet

The biggest takeaway from Passan’s piece is that the White Sox are “willing” to trade Luis Robert Jr. and Garrett Crochet. The two most valuable trade assets on the roster, it appeared until now that the White Sox would keep both of them moving forward. That might no longer be the case. 

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Robert Jr. has three and a half seasons of control remaining and is one of the best players in the league when healthy. The Mariners are a rumored landing spot for Robert Jr., and Passan mentioned that the Phillies could also be a fit While injuries are a concern, Robert Jr.’s talent and team-friendly contract make him an appealing trade asset. He is a true impact player and could be the biggest name moved at the deadline if he does get traded.

Crochet has two and a half seasons of control left. He has been fantastic in his first full season as a starting pitcher this season, ranking in the top ten of fWAR for pitchers. Crochet also leads the American League in strikeouts and could be the White Sox representative in this year’s All-Star Game. It is worth noting that Crochet will likely reach his innings limit at some point, but teams always need pitching. He would be one of the top options available on the market if the White Sox are taking offers for him. Ken Rosenthal just reported that the Padres are pursuing Crochet.

Final Word

The White Sox appear to be open for business in every sense of the word. No one on the MLB roster is off-limits anymore. Given the team’s immense struggles this season and the organization’s current trajectory, at least listening to potential offers for everyone is the right call. Robert Jr. and Crochet would each bring back a significant haul of young talent if the White Sox decide to part with them. It will be interesting to see who gets traded when it is all said and done.


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Dr. Steven Sallie
Dr. Steven Sallie
Jun 4, 2024 8:12 pm

Get rid of Reinsdorf, Getz, and the pitching coach. Spare the head coach, he and Chicago deserve better.

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