Sunday, April 21, 2024

White Sox Announce SoxFest Revival After Four-Year Hiatus


The White Sox have not hosted SoxFest for four consecutive years, but that streak is about to come to an end in 2025. NBC Sports Chicago’s Ryan McGuffy was the first to report that the team planned to announce that SoxFest will return in 2025. Shortly after the team officially announced SoxFest will take place on Jan 24th-25th.

The 2025 season will mark the 20th anniversary of the 2005 World Series Championship team. It will also be the 125 anniversary of the White Sox organization, so it makes sense why the White Sox are finally deciding to revive the fan convention.

The White Sox canceled SoxFest in 2021 during the pandemic and never resumed. Each year the team has had to find new vague and creative excuses for why it was canceled. In 2023 the team cited “several factors” as the reason. 

Of course, many speculate the real reason is the tension between the organization and the fans. Fresh off a 101-loss season, the team would have to answer questions about the potential new stadium in the South Loop, former general managers Ken Williams and Rick Hahn’s failed tenures, and current GM Chris Getz’s plans for the future of the roster. They would also have to explain why manager Pedro Grifol was brought back, how a fan was shot in the ballpark, and why they let Jason Benetti leave for a division rival. These are uncomfortable conversations for a poorly run organization.  

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A season ticket holders event was held on Friday in place of SoxFest at the Field Museum. 

McCormick Place was the venue for the last SoxFest that was held in 2020. Before McCormick Place, the once-annual fan convention was held at the Chicago Hilton. The White Sox had seen an increasing number of fans attend the event as their so-called “contention window” was opening with multiple exciting prospects on the cusp of being called up. 

Four years later that excitement and optimism has turned to anger and frustration. The White Sox are trying to right the ship under Getz, and reviving SoxFest is a good first step.


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Jan 27, 2024 12:16 pm

Great move Jerry … you cancel HOW MANY YEARS of SOX FEST and now that 80% of your FAN BASE does NOT CARE ABOUT the SOX, you want to Bring it Back?? Sorry Jerry, you’re DONE and so are WE!!!

Jan 26, 2024 6:14 pm

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