Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Birmingham Barons Are Must See TV This Season


The White Sox did not have a great start on Opening Day, as they only mustered three hits the entire game. To make matters worse, no batter made it to second base. That is extremely embarrassing and unfortunately, there might be many more games like this.

But, on the bright side, the White Sox AA affiliate, the Birmingham Barons, should be a lot of fun to watch, as they have some of the top prospects in the White Sox system.

In the lineup, they have some of the best position players in the system not named Colson Montgomery. At catcher, they have the White Sox 5th ranked prospect Edgar Quero. He is shaping up to be the catcher of the future for the White Sox and will likely build off the strong season he had last year after the trade.

At first, Birmingham will trot out Tim Elko, a very underrated prospect in the system. He has fantastic power and was one of the best hitters in the system last year. If the White Sox make some moves, he could be a quick riser to the MLB if he plays well to start the year.

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The rest of the infield deploys two other top White Sox prospects, Bryan Ramos and Jose Rodriguez. Ramos is the White Sox 4th ranked prospect, while Rodriguez slots in at 17. Ramos is the one to watch here, as if Moncada is not on the team in 2025, Ramos is the likely candidate to take over at the hot corner.

In the outfield, Wilfred Veras is the only one that is ranked in the top 30, as he slots in at 28. He had a fantastic season as a 20 year old between A+ and AA, so he is looking to improve on that. He is a riser in the system and he could rank much higher after this season. Terrell Tatum is another intriguing player, as he is one of the fastest players in the minor leagues.

The place where the most top prospects sit is in the rotation, as it is absolutely stacked. They have Drew Thorpe, the White Sox 3rd ranked prospect, Jairo Iriarte, the White Sox 9th ranked prospect, Jake Eder, the White Sox 10th ranked prospect, as well as Ky Bush, the White Sox 20th ranked prospect. This rotation should be loads of fun and it could be one of the best in the minor leagues. All of these guys were acquired either at the deadline or in the Dylan Cease trade, so it is nice to have some new faces.

Some other interesting prospects on the pitching staff include Mason Adams, the White Sox 22nd ranked prospect, as well as Jared Kelley, who was ranked highly in the last few years but has now transitioned to the bullpen. Kelley has struggled the last few years but still has loads of talent, so he can definitely be an arm to watch.

Overall, they have a bunch of talented arms and bats that are likely to make their way to Chicago at some point this season through next year and should be very fun to follow.

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