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The 5 Step Guide To Earn White Sox Fans Trust Back


I genuinely feel bad for all the everyday people the White Sox employ. From the marketing department, ticket reps, social media interns, food and beer vendors, and more, these are hard-working folks simply trying to support themselves and their families. Yet they have been put in a terrible position as they are the unfortunate victims of the anger and wrath of the White Sox fanbase. It is 100% not their fault that the team sucks, and yet they are the ones who suffer the consequences. But it doesn’t have to be like this. There are five quick and easy steps the White Sox organization can take to improve the lives of their employees and the fan experience.

#5 – Bring Back $1 Hot Dog Days

This promotion was a massive success in the rebuilding years from 2017 to 2019. After all, who doesn’t love cheap hot dogs, especially at an MLB game? There is no reason anyone should pay $7+ for a hot dog while watching a team that will likely lose 95+ games. I give the organization credit for utilizing the $1 hot dog promotion back then, as it was a great way to get people in the ballpark and a nice gesture to the fanbase. But now that the team sucks again, they need to bring this back. It will get people in the door while also making fans happy. Win/win situation.

#4 – Lower Cost of Parking

I can’t even remember how much it costs to park at a Sox game these days because it feels like it gets more expensive every year. It is a blatant cash grab by Jerry. Nobody is expecting free parking, but one shouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage to go to a Sox game either, especially when the team sucks. Lowering the cost of parking is an easy way to encourage more people to go to games and making the experience more affordable for the everyday fan.

#3 – Eliminate the Restrictions of Upper Deck Tickets

I like the upper deck as much as the next guy, but it is ridiculous that you can’t access the lower level if you have a ticket in the upper deck. To my knowledge, the White Sox are the only stadium with a policy like this. It’s likely in place to make the lower level manageable from a capacity standpoint, but the lower level is where most of the action is. There are many more food and drink options on the lower level, not to mention the concourse. People sitting in the upper deck cannot get the entire ballpark experience. That needs to change. There is no reason to have these restrictions.

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#2 – Improve Lines of Communication Between the Organization and Fans

Bringing back SoxFest in 2025 is a good start, but there needs to be more improvement in this area. Jerry Reinsdorf rarely speaks to the media, let alone the everyday fan. Rick Hahn also never made any effort to communicate honestly with the fanbase besides his world salad press conferences, which nobody took seriously. Chris Getz may be different in this regard, but it’s too early to tell. It’s like ownership and the front office are high up in a castle and the fans are on the ground. They must know how unhappy the fanbase is now, which severely threatens the brand and its ability to generate revenue and popularity. Being transparent and sincerely communicating with the fanbase would go a long way, especially given that the White Sox are the second team in Chicago.

#1 – Put a Better Team on The Field

If Jerry Reinsdorf cared about doing this, everything else above becomes significantly less important. I will never forget how electric the atmosphere was at Sox games in 2021, especially in game 3 of the ALDS. This fanbase is highly passionate and dedicated to the team where there is a reason to be, and will show up if the product on the field isn’t complete garbage. People want to watch good baseball. That is the bottom line. Unfortunately, Jerry Reinsdorf seems to not care about this. Simply acquiring good players and being serious about winning for a change would be a massive step in rebuilding the trust of this fanbase.

Final Word

The White Sox organization is in a bad place right now. Nobody can dispute that. It is ridiculous that a franchise like the White Sox, who have been around for over 120 years, was the subject of relocation rumors at one point. It doesn’t have to be like that. The White Sox organization can do many things to begin an upward trajectory again, but it all starts at the top. They have to want to do it, or else nothing will change.


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Feb 9, 2024 11:32 am

The reason #3 exists… Sox want to force their fans to buy lower level tickets at the higher prices. Agree 100% this is absurd. Just another reason why I have not been to a game at that park for almost a decade now…. And, won’t until the Reinsdorf cabal is gone.

Last edited 5 months ago by mjc7272
Southside Mike
Southside Mike
Feb 8, 2024 1:25 pm

If #1 was truly addressed in a big way, #s 2-5 wouldn’t matter at all to the average Sox fan who has been treated mostly like sh*t by the organization since forever. ESPN’s recent MLB Power Rankings heading into Spring Training has the Sox at #28. Yes, only two teams worse. Even KC was ahead of us at #26. To quote the article: “The White Sox are treating the offseason like they’re coming off a 100-win year instead of the 102 games they actually lost. It has translated to some interesting pickups but mostly on the margins……Rinse and repeat. The… Read more »

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