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Exploring The Tim Anderson To The Dodgers Trade Speculation 


Tim Anderson to the Dodgers? It’s an idea that has been gaining traction with Dodgers fans, despite no rumors from the White Sox that Anderson is on the trading block. 

Dodgers fans are under the illusion they can get any player from any team. Because, in recent history, they have been able to poach just about any star player they have wanted in free agency or via the trade market. In recent years the Dodgers have traded for Mookie Betts, Max Scherzer, and Trea Turner and signed big names like Trevor Bauer and Freddie Freeman. 

When you have a front office with that type of track record, it can be easy to create a wish list of big-name players and think there is a decent chance they can be acquired. This is a foreign concept to White Sox fans. 

So when the Dodgers lost their starting second baseman Gavin Lux for the season with a torn ACL suffered in a Spring Training game, the trade ideas began flowing. Tim Anderson is a name that was thrown around as soon as Trea Turner signed with the Phillies. Lux’s injury threw fuel on the fire. The Dodgers are in need of some extra depth. Miguel Rojas, who was supposed to provide the infield depth, now figures to be an everyday starter. A trade could recoup some of that depth.

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The biggest trade idea yet could significantly impact the White Sox. Joel Reuter of Bleacher Report thinks the Dodgers should try and add Tim Anderson in exchange for a haul of prospects, including second baseman Michael Busch, right-hander Landon Knack, outfielder Jose Ramos and right-handed pitcher Joel Ibarra. 

Michael Busch would headline the deal. He is an MLB-ready top-100 prospect that can play second base, a position that the White Sox have had issues addressing in recent years. Elvis Andrus would then move over to his natural position at shortstop for the remainder of the season. Colson Montgomery, the White Sox’s top prospect, would then be in line to take over at short in 2024.

 This is all purely speculation, and the only way the White Sox front office would entertain a trade of that magnitude is if the team gets off to a slow start before the trade deadline. 

The White Sox are still in contention mode. Trading away a former batting champion that has hit a combined .318 over 374 games since 2019 would put the team at a crossroads. If the White Sox trade their two-time All-Star, they might as well blow the whole thing up and conduct a fire sale. 

A strong case could be made that the White Sox should resign him sooner rather than later. Anderson is under contract until 2023 with a club option in 2024 that will almost certainly get picked up. He will only cost the White Sox $12.5 million in 2023 and $14 million in 2024.

His contributions to the team warrant an extension for his impact on the field and his marketing value. His bat-flipping in antics in 2019 put a team with a losing record at the forefront of the national baseball conversation. Anderson has also been a cover athlete for Sports Illustrated and RBI Baseball. Anderson is the face of the White Sox. His team USA teammate, Mike Trout, even called him a “star” during the World Baseball Classic. 

Once Anderson hits the open market, he will receive a big payday. He is coming off a down year. He also wants to stay in Chicago. This would be the time to extend him. The 29-year-old went to Drive Line during the offseason, and by the looks of his swing, he is as potent at the plate as ever. A career year is going to increase his price tag. 

Perhaps the White Sox don’t want to shell out that type of cash. In this case, trading him while he still has years remaining on his contract would be the best way to maximize returns. However, if the White Sox decides to sell him, it signals to the fan base that they are waving the white flag. It will further alienate many in a fan base that’s already pissed off. 

Luckily the Dodger trade ideas are hypothetical. Anderson isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 


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Big Mark
Big Mark
Mar 19, 2023 2:32 pm

Reinsdork is too cheap to extend Anderson at $25M or $30M per year. Not the right move IMO, but they will probably flip him for draft picks before the trade deadline or after this year. Better be a few top-rated prospects at minimum, and a couple more fliers.

Last edited 1 year ago by Big Mark
Mar 19, 2023 12:10 pm

I’m with Kjmerk – If Michael Busch is that good, he plays 2nd and Elvis plays short – not losing all that much this year. Plus your #1 prospect is a shortstop. You’ll need to move on from Anderson at some point. Why not now when Tim’s value is high and help restock the farm system?

Mar 19, 2023 9:23 am

The white Sox have played 500 baseball since the second half of the 2021 season. If the head cases they have for starting pitching and Tim Anderson trade gets you tons of young talent. I say pull the trigger. The Cubs made the mistake of thinking their players were better than they were. I’m sure if they had to do all over a few of those players would’ve been gone sooner.

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