Saturday, April 20, 2024

A Dylan Cease Trade With The Mets That Can Make Chris Getz Pull The Trigger


The White Sox have plenty of suitors for Dylan Cease, but it seems like more come out every time there is a new report about him. While the Mets have been reported to be in on Cease for a while, there has been less smoke as of late, but the Mets have missed out on some of the top arms in the free-agent market. 

This is a great thing for the White Sox, as they can use the Mets as leverage in negotiations with other teams, but they could still provide a package that the White Sox would easily accept. 

Currently on the MLB Pipeline Top Prospect list, the New York Mets have five prospects, with their rankings spanning from 38th to 89th. All of their prospects on this list are hitters and could fill needs the White Sox desperately need. 

Their top prospect Luisangel Acuna, acquired in the Max Scherzer trade, and the brother of MLB superstar Robert Acuna, could be the headliner of the package. 

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This would be a great get for the Sox, as they get a player similar to his brother, but with less power. In 2023, Acuna hit .294 with a .359 OBP. He hit 9 home runs, had 63 RBIs, and stole 57 bases. As a middle infielder, this bat plays, and he would be a great top-of-the-order bat to replace Tim Anderson. He is close to making it to the MLB so he could be slotted in at SS or 2B on opening day. 

The Mets would likely have to add another player, and with what the White Sox are asking for, this could come in the form of outfielder Drew Gilbert. He, like Acuna, was acquired at the trade deadline in the Justin Verlander trade. The Sox might not be able to get both of these prospects, as they are both highly touted, but if the Mets want to get a deal done before the season starts, this is the way to do it. And for the Sox, if the Mets were to offer both, they would likely accept immediately. 

Otherwise, the White Sox could look to the Mets’ 4th ranked prospect, Ronny Mauricio, or their 5th-ranked prospect, Kevin Parada. These would be nice gets for the White Sox, as they have performed well in the upper minors. Mauricio played in the major leagues last year, showing the potential to be a very good major league player. 

The Mets don’t have many pitching prospects to offer, so this would be a position player-oriented deal, similar to a deal the Orioles could offer. At this point, it is still up in the air as to whether Cease will actually be traded before the season starts, but the Mets definitely could get it done if they want it to. 


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