Wednesday, December 7, 2022

This Willson Contreras Stat Is All You Need To Know About His Red Hot Start


I’m never really one to freak out about players starting their season either red hot or ice cold. The MLB season is a LONG journey and while it’s fun to get pumped up when a player has a good game or two, you have to keep the big picture in perspective.

I was on last night for some entertainment and got caught in a rabbit hole of a couple of guys telling each other how Kris Bryant has “sucked” since he was hit in the face by a pitch last season and also battled through an injured shoulder. They didn’t want to take into account that KB has been a 6+ WAR player in every season before he was hurt in 2018.

Another thread was telling me Kyle Schwarber is more of a replacement player than a franchise player regardless that he was a top three left fielder from last season but once again….facts.

I’m sharing the point about KB and Schwarber simply for the fact that they prove cold starts aren’t forever and both players will undoubtedly bust out of their “slumps.”

Willson Contreras, on the other hand, has had the complete opposite start of 2019 than the aforementioned Cubs and he continued his tear last night in Miami.

He finished the night 2-3 with 3 RBIs and one mammoth home run.

Side note: Thank GOD the Marlins decided to take down that atrocious home run statue.

That piss missile was number six on the year which if that number sounds high so early in the season, you are absolutely correct. Contreras is over a month ahead of schedule from previous seasons when he hit his sixth home run of the year and although this pace can’t continue, it’s a pretty fun thing to think about.

Also something to take into consideration is the fact that Contreras is a catcher and the Cubs haven’t seen a player in that position rake this much since well….Prohibition.

It’s good to see Willy rebound nicely from a disappointing 2018 and it’ll be nice to see how long he can stay hot.

Don’t worry — When he gets cold, I’m sure I’ll get to read about why he should be traded or sent to AAA.

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