Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Irony Of Joe Maddon’s New Beer Name Is Comical


The 2019 season isn’t off to the best start for the Chicago Cubs. After winning their first game against the Rangers, they pissed their next two away to lose the series and opened up their series with the Braves on Monday with an embarrassing 8-0 loss.

The low point(s) of that game had to be watching the Cubs try to play defense.

Not exactly how I envisioned 2019 starting.

Yes, I know it’s early but it’s still not fun to watch your favorite team struggle. Luckily, Cubs fans can watch their team suck while they enjoy a brand new beer released by manager Joe Maddon, ironically named, “Try Not To Suck.”

The beer will be available two days after the home opener and maybe drinking a few of these will help soften the blow of the Cubs underwhelming start to 2019?

If the season plays out like the first four games have, you may want to see if they offer this beer via a keg (or two).


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