Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Kyle Schwarber Could Return To The Cubs By The 4th Of July


The Cubs sent World Series hero and fan-favorite Kyle Schwarber to Triple A Iowa last week, after hitting .171 with a 28.7% strikeout rate and a very un-Schwarber-like OBP of .295. The “War-Bear” was going through easily the most difficult moment of his young professional career – and the guy tore almost every ligament in his knee last season!

Schwarber, who took the demotion all in stride, was adament about working hard and getting back to the Cubs as soon as possible. And so far, Schwarber’s numbers are suggesting a trip to Des Moines, IA might have been exactly what the 24-year-old needed. Currently slashing, .368/.429/.684 with two home runs (which actually both came Friday night), with five RBI. Schwarber, while only playing in five games, clearly do not belong in the minor leagues.

Despite Schwarber striking out nine times since arriving in Iowa, Des Moines Register reporter and friend of Sports Mockery Tommy Birch is reporting that Kyle Schwarber is unlikely to make the I-Cubs road trip this coming Tuesday.

Birch also explained this is mostly off what he is hearing, and not on the performance of Schwarber. So it sounds like the Cubs are planning on Kyle Schwarber returning to the Cubs soon – as in by the 4th of July soon! The Iowa Cubs end their current home stand this coming Monday, playing on the road Tuesday. If Birch is right, the Cubs are planning on calling Schwarber back up before the I-Cubs hit the road,  we can all expect to see Schwarber back in the Cubbie Blues on our Nation’s birthday.

Seems rather fitting, sense Schwarber is featured in New Era’s ad campaign this season…

While Schwarber has shown any adjustments at the plate remains to be seen, but from what I have been able to gather, the Cubs saw this move as a chance for Schwarber to clear his head. Relax some, take a break from the constant pressure to succeed, and get back to hitting the ball.

While the numbers are misleading, everything Birch has reported on Schwarber from Iowa is that the Cubs core-player is putting in the work to make the necessary adjustments to return to his former self. Whether or not Schwarber is back – well, it sounds like we’ll soon find out.

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