Monday, November 29, 2021

Here’s An Inside Look at Kris Bryant’s Inaugural Baseball Camp


Kris Bryant must not believe in off-seasons.

Bryant was one of a handful of Cubs that appeared at the 33rd annual Cubs Convention this weekend in downtown Chicago where he made a number of appearances — none better than when he ordered a pizza at the always comical kids press conference.

Instead of taking a few days off after the Convention, Bryant hopped on a plane from frigid Chicago and flew back home to sunny Las Vegas to host the Inaugural Adidas Kris Bryant Elite Camp.

Bryant is one of Adidas’ big time money makers so the shoe company decided to pay Bryant back on a much smaller scale. Adidas sent out an invite to 150 of the top high school baseball players in the county (and a handful of local Las Vegas kids) to invite them to Bryant’s alma mater, Bonanza high school, for a one-day camp.

Campers arrived around 8:00 AM where they were immediately broken up into position groups. Local high school coaches in the Las Vegas area served as the instructional staff as the coaches put the players through positional drills, base running drills, and some pretty intense speed work. Around 10:15 AM, all camp work came to a screeching halt and all eyes turned to the field entrance when Bryant arrived.

He walked around to each positional group and mingled with the star struck high schoolers. He even took a group down to the hitting cage down the left field line and put on a hitting demo and offered a few tips to the teenagers.

Can you imagine being 17-years-old and getting hitting advice from a goddamned NL MVP?

Bryant was being followed closely by a camera crew most of the day that looked like they were able to film a full length Hollywood movie with the amount of video equipment they had. It was later revealed that Adidas gave Bryant his first glimpse at the shoe he will be wearing for the 2018 season that Adidas created for him so one can assume they wanted to get that reaction on film.

The day ended with the high school players getting a chance to ask Bryant a few questions about his MLB experience thus far. The highlight was when a camper asked Bryant what it was like to hit off elite MLB pitching, specifically Clayton Kershaw, to which Bryant simply replied,


No shit, Kris.

Is it baseball season yet?


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