Monday, January 24, 2022

Here Come The Cardinals


The Cubs arch-rival limped into the all-star break a game over .500 and fired their manager as a result. They were an imploding mess that was beautiful to watch.

The firing of Mike Matheny has seemed to light a fire under the third-place Cardinals, though.

That 16-9 record under Shildt is now 18-9. They’ve won 7 in a row, including a comeback walk-off victory Monday night. They’ve cut their 8 game division deficit in half. All of this while the Cubs offense can’t buy a run, while holding a -28 second half run differential.

They can never, ever just go away. Even in years like 2017, when the Cubs finished 9 games ahead of them in the standings, the Cardinals were within 2 games with less than 20 games left to go in the season, despite having a much less talented roster.

With the Brewers in town with a chance to cut the Cubs division lead to 1 game this afternoon, it could be easy to forget the Cardinals. Unfortunately, they’re doing their best to make sure that we don’t.


Patrick Mooney
Just another Chicago fan with deep Chicago roots. 2017 University of Iowa graduate back at home in the western suburbs. Covering the Bulls.

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