Sunday, May 22, 2022

David Ross Reveals His Biggest Concern For The 2017 Cubs


Now that Spring Training is officially underway, it’s time for all the baseball experts to begin to break down the 2017 season. Every position, player, and performance will be analyzed as teams prepare to begin the regular season in just over a month from now.

Being the defending World Champions, the Chicago Cubs are probably under the biggest microscope going into this season because let’s face it, they haven’t been in this position in a long, LONG time.

With that said, baseball experts have already projected the Cubs to reach anywhere from 96-101 wins in 2017 which in most accounts would lead the Majors in total wins.

For as much as I respect most of the baseball writers of America, a new analyst has come out and given his thoughts on the upcoming season for the Chicago Cubs and every Cubs fan should read what he had to say.

Why is that you ask?

Because this new analyst is none other than David Ross.

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