This past weekend was the St. Louis Cardinals’ “Cardinal Care Winter Warm Up” fan fest, similar to Cubs Convention, where fans get to meet their favorite players, coaches, team executive while enjoying everything that is the St. Louis Cardinals (gross). And for Cardinal fans, it was going to be their first chance to meet newly acquired center fielder Dexter Fowler, the gem of their offseason thus far.

However, due to the terrible ice storms, Fowler could not get a flight into St. Louis for the event and had to cancel.

Fowler is a genuine guy, and it’s pretty easy to see why there was no way for the former Chicago Cub to meet his new fan base. But, Cardinal’s fans are not the most rational people, and understandable were slightly upset with the news.

But then Fowler was able to make a flight to DC for the Cubs-White House visit….and then things got ugly on Cardinal’s twitter.

It also doesn’t help that Fowler is all over social media right now with the team and doing updates for the Player’s Tribune and Jordan as he delivers a special pair of Jordan’s for Barrack Obama.

But with all this coming out, can anyone actually say they are surprised the Cardinals already have bone to pick with the former Cubs center fielder? I mean, this is St. Louis and Baseball’s Best Fan’s were talking about here.

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