As everyone should know by now Bulls guard Zach LaVine is an NBA All-Star. After being snubbed last season LaVine was officially given the honor in this year’s All-Star game. LaVine will find himself participating in more than just the All-Star game this year as it was announced today that he will be a participant in the three-point contest.

LaVine finds himself in the three-point contest for the second year in a row. This is also the second time in his career that he will be a participant. This year’s lineup is filled with great shooting talent. So how will LaVine stack up against the competition?

LaVine is on fire this season

If you look at LaVine’s shooting stats this season it’s hard to bet against him going into the three-point contest. Of the participants, LaVine has the second most made three-pointers this season and the highest three-point field goal percentage at 43.3%.

It’s hard to argue with those numbers. LaVine is going up against two former winners of the contest in guards Steph Curry and Devin Booker. If LaVine can get hot there’s no reason why he can’t come out victorious this year. LaVine has the seventh-best overall shooting percentage in the league. Zach is definitely not someone to sleep on in this competition.

Busy weekend for this All-Star

LaVine has never found himself participating in the All-Star game until this season. He has been involved in the dunk contest and three-point contest but now he gets to shine in the big game. He was finally given the respect that he deserves and he potentially can gain even more respect throughout the weekend. If LaVine can come out on top in the three-point contest that only adds more credibility to his play. While Bulls fans don’t need any more proof of how good he is it would certainly show the media he is a force to be reckoned with. It’s hard to believe there are people out there who don’t believe LaVine is a top-tier NBA player.

This is the weekend to show everyone what he can do. He needs to continue his hot shooting in the All-Star game to show that he belongs on that floor just like everyone else out there.

Chicago’s sole representation

Since there won’t be any rising stars challenge this year the Bulls were limited as to who was going to represent the team. Thankfully LaVine will be present more than once which will keep the Bulls in the spotlight. LaVine isn’t a bad face to have to represent the Bulls during All-Star weekend.

Remember LaVine is only 25 years old. That means he’s got many great years ahead of him. He can use that to his advantage as he can try and recruit upcoming free agents to Chicago. With the amount of power, players have in the league he can even recruit players who won’t be upcoming free agents to come to Chicago. This is a big weekend for the Bulls as a whole. This is the time for LaVine to talk about how great the new front office and coaching staff is. Time to get free agents interested in coming to Chicago again. We already know LaVine tried this last season so I’m sure he will do it again.

Let’s hope he can have a bit more success this year as the Bulls are in the midst of a playoff push. Regardless of what recruiting comes out of this weekend one thing is for sure, the city of Chicago is 100% behind LaVine.