All Bulls fans know the team is in need of some help at the point guard position. The team itself even knows that they are weak at that position. There’s been a ton of speculation as to what the Bulls will do this offseason to address this. Recently some news came out about a point guard in San Antonio who may be available. That point guard is none other than Dejounte Murray. The Spur’s starting point guard over the last two seasons is reportedly available. Funny enough Murray has quite the connection with Bulls shooting guard Zach LaVine. The two are friends who both grew up in the Seattle area. While some may think we are grasping at straws here LaVine was loud and clear that he would like Murray to join the Bulls last night on Twitter. The message was received from a tweet that LaVine liked.

You are seeing that correctly. LaVine liked a tweet that featured Murray in a Bulls jersey. The two of them being friends absolutely factors into this as the two have worked out together in seasons past. However, with the Bulls in need of a new starting point guard and Murray’s reported availability, this changes the narrative. While this would have been fun to speculate in seasons past it’s now something that could be a reality.

Could the Bulls trade for Murray?

This is one of the more likely trade scenarios that have come in recent weeks. The issue here would be how high the Spurs value Murray as well as the Bull’s assets. One name that was floated around prior to Murray even being made available was Bulls forward Lauri Markkanen. It was reported that the Spurs would go after him in free agency this season. This is what opens the door for the Bulls. A sign and trade here is definitely possible. However, just Markkanen wouldn’t be enough for the Spurs to part ways with Murray. This is where you would likely see the Bulls throw in someone like point guard Coby White. If White were currently healthy this would probably be enough. With his injury concerns heading into this season, it may not be enough. A second-round pick could sweeten the pot.

You would likely think the Spurs are headed for a rebuild so they would want to grab some young assets or picks. The Bulls have young players but not many picks. So losing Coby could be a realistic scenario here.

The Spurs may want more

All of this is dependent on what the Spurs are looking to do moving forward. As it stands with the Bulls right now they really only have three untouchables. Forward Patrick Williams, Center Nikola Vucevic, and Zach LaVine. Outside of those three, it feels like the Bulls are okay with moving on and trying something new. That’s likely why you would see someone like White leave the team and give the Spurs a new young guard. Of the options out there at point guard, Murray should be high on the team’s list and it’s a realistic option. It’s likely there will be many teams going after Murray. This is where the Spurs may have more leverage and ask for more. With the reported interest in Markkanen, the Bulls may have an edge up on the competition. This trade package would certainly hinge around Markkanen.

If the Bulls are serious about getting Murray and they don’t ask for any untouchables I wouldn’t be surprised if Murray is a Chicago Bull.

How could they build the roster?

The good news about Murray is he doesn’t necessarily break the bank. He’s got three years left on his contract and averages $16 million per season. Looking at the other big-name point guards on the market they are going to run you likely $20 million per year. This helps the Bulls to build a roster around them. Picking up Murray and potentially dropping off another player’s salary would allow them to potentially bring back a free agent or two that is already on the roster. The benefit here is the Bulls would have a solid starting 4 and wouldn’t need a ton of high-quality talent to fill in the rest.

Yes, the Bulls would need to find their starting 3 but they have guys on the roster they could potentially re-sign or they can look in free agency for a cheap alternative. The Bulls have enough components on the roster they could use to fill bench spots. The team’s front office is crafty and knows how to manage the money to make it work. The Bulls would be looking at a starting lineup that can play the ball defensively as well as burn you on offense. This team would certainly find themselves competing in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Would they be championship caliber? Likely no but that all depends on who else they can bring in. With limited cap room, they will need to do some serious recruiting to Chicago.

I’ll say it again if the Bulls want Murray and the Spurs want Markkanen this deal will happen. The Bulls certainly don’t want to lose Markkanen for no return if they can help it. One thing is for sure, Zach LaVine would love to partner up with Murray. Let’s hope for our sake the Bulls front office makes it happen.