In case you aren’t aware, NBA All-Star voting began yesterday. The Bulls are trying to do everything they can to get shooting guard Zach LaVine an All-Star nod this year. Many people last year believed LaVine got snubbed when it came to All-Star voting. This year they are determined to not allow that to happen.

LaVine has certainly made his case thus far this season. While last year he seemed to be on the fringe of an All-Star birth this year he is making sure they know he deserves it. While the Bulls are doing everything they can to get the word out there, LaVine is also getting an endorsement from a big name around the league.

Former Miami Heat and Bulls guard Dwyane Wade gave LaVine the All-Star nod as voting opened up. This should certainly help LaVine’s case as Wade has 9.4 million followers on Twitter. Let’s take a look at LaVine’s game this year and how he stacks up around the league.

The best season for LaVine thus far

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In 17 games this season LaVine is performing at an elite level. He is playing the best basketball of his career and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

At 27 PPG LaVine is 8th in the NBA in points per game. LaVine is 14th in the league in field goal percentage and is in the top 40 in assists per game. He’s scoring at an elite level and is making sure he is named an All-Star this year.

All-Star Voting

There are multiple ways to vote for the 2021 All-Stars and we can help LaVine. One of the simplest ways is to get on Twitter and retweet any of the Chicago Bulls tweets promoting LaVine as an All-Star. If you don’t have a Twitter you can follow this link and vote for the entire All-Star squad. The Bulls are promoting LaVine every chance they get and with the majority of their Tweets right now.

Can All-Star LaVine continue to lead the Bulls?

The main question is can LaVine continue to lead the Bulls to wins this season. The starters have been struggling in the last few games and that puts LaVine in a similar situation as last season, playing hero ball. When the entire offense is clicking LaVine looks right at home. He contributes in every facet of the game and looks like he feels good. When the offense isn’t clicking he tries to carry the load because he knows he is a prolific scorer. LaVine is used to taking over like that over the years but it appears that under new head coach Billy Donovan he is learning to develop better habits.

LaVine is finally playing under a great head coach in Donovan and he will require some time to alter his mindset. In years past LaVine was basically told to do what it takes to win. Now LaVine is playing to his strengths under Donovan but that requires the rest of the team to be playing well. This team is young and only 17 games into implementing Donovan’s new system. They need some time to get to where they want to be. The Bulls have shown that when this team is clicking they can be a good team. The Bulls are still fifth in the league in terms of points per game and eighth in terms of field goal percentage.

As the Bulls continue to focus on this new system and get better each game let’s focus on what we, the fans can do. Let’s vote as much as we can and get LaVine into the All-Star game.