Friday, June 2, 2023

These Chicago Bulls Are Doing Things That Haven’t Been Done In Chicago Since The Jordan Era


To close out 2021 the Bulls went down to the wire in a game against the Indiana Pacers. Most fittingly the Bulls won on a buzzer-beater by forward DeMar DeRozan. To win the game in that fashion was exciting but it meant so much more than just one game. That win put the Bulls in 1st place in the Eastern Conference.

A team that analysts gave very little praise and respect heading into the season now sits at 23-10. A team who had the “worst” free agent signing of the offseason is now #1. This team is on a mission to prove that they deserve to be in the conversation as a contender. While it’s exciting currently to see where the Bulls are at it’s unreal how long it’s been since they were in this exact position.

These Bulls are channeling the Jordan era Bulls

The last time the Bulls were the best team in the East heading into the new year the greatest player of all time was still on the team.

It’s been 24 years since the Bulls were at this level going into the new year. That shows how good this Bulls team is right now. They are streaking and don’t appear to be slowing down. This team needs to continue building off this and channel the Jordan era Bulls. One game at a time, continue to be the better team and stay atop the Eastern Conference. While this team hasn’t been in this position for 24 years they are also on the way to accomplishing another feat that hasn’t been done since the Jordan Era.

The Bulls are streaking

Last night marked the 6th straight win for the Bulls. They have three “easy” games coming up and if they win those games they will have another accomplishment under their belt that the Jordan era Bulls did.

With matchups against the Wizards two times and the Magic, these are games the team should win. The Wizards have a good portion of the team out with COVID so the Bulls should have the upper hand. The Magic are 7-29 so the Bulls should win this game. However, it’s the NBA and you never know what will happen especially playing back-to-back flying from Indiana to D.C. These Bulls teams have shown they can play hard and continue to win. Hopefully, we see that continue tonight as they meet the Wizards in D.C. Either way, Bulls Nation is excited about where this team is at right now.

The Kings of the East

Even if it’s just for a brief period the Bulls are currently the best in the East. A team that wasn’t even in the discussion of the top 8 teams is #1. The Bulls deserve respect and are on pace to win 55+ games this season. It’s hard for a lot of people to believe but it’s where we are at.

There’s still a lot of season left but right now you can’t deny how good the Bulls are playing. The team is clicking and playing well with one another. The offense and defense are top ten in the league even with losing most of the team to health and safety protocols. It will be exciting to see what this team can do as everyone gets back to full health and gets to play with one another. Being the top seed in the East while going through all of those issues is huge. The Bulls certainly can maintain their spot in the East and it starts tonight. If these Bulls want to be talked about like the Jordan Era Bulls it’s time for them to show up every night and beat the teams they should be beating.

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