The Bulls were very busy this offseason and completely restructured this team. The Bulls added two new starters and completely revamped the bench. With so many new personalities and skillsets, it had a lot of people wondering how this team would mesh with one another. At the Bulls media day, it was clear everyone on the team has one thing in mind, winning. This starts with the front office and trickles down to the team’s lowest bench player. Most importantly the Bull’s #1 leader and shooting guard Zach LaVine needs to set the tone for this team. He made that clear at media day just how everyone needs to come into this season.

LaVine has never played in a playoff game but that won’t stop him from heading into the season with championship habits. LaVine knows what it takes to play at a high level and he’s now surrounded by high-quality players who can help get him to the playoffs he has so desperately wanted to be a part of. LaVine will set the tone for this team. He’s the most tenured player on the Bulls and he is the player the Bulls are building this team around. For the Bulls, it doesn’t stop at LaVine and that’s exactly what fans want to see heading into a highly anticipated season.

DeRozan will not be messing around this year

Newly acquired forward DeMar DeRozan is coming off an incredible season with the San Antonio Spurs. He is headed into his 13th season in the league and he’s serious about winning.

DeRozan simply wants to win. He doesn’t care how the coaching staff wants to fit him in the lineup he just wants to contribute to a winning team. DeRozan has been close to winning in his past and he doesn’t want to let that slip away now. DeRozan touched on just how much he’s learned in his 13 years and he feels like his best basketball is still to come. Lucky for the Bulls he’s on their roster.

This Bulls team is completely revamped and having a veteran like DeRozan who believes his best basketball is still to come is a position the Bulls haven’t been in for quite some time. This Bulls team has been extremely young over the last three years and these additions give them experience like they haven’t had in the past. The Bulls addressed their worst position in the offseason and let me tell you their new point guard sounds ready to get to work.

Lonzo Ball is ready to be a traditional point guard

Bulls point guard Lonzo Ball said the Bulls were always the front runners in free agency for him. One of the main reasons why is how the Bulls plan to utilize him. They don’t want him to change his game and that’s big for him. The Bulls desperately needed solid point guard play and Ball is going to bring them there. Bulls head coach Billy Donovan sounds like he wants Lonzo to be the floor general the Bulls need.

Lonzo is a great facilitator and the Bulls don’t want to change that part of his game. They aren’t going to rely on Ball to shoot lights out and take over the game because they have multiple shooters on the team who can do that. The team wants him to be a true floor general and get our guys open. This is such a key piece of the game that was missing for the Bulls last year. Now they have that piece and they don’t plan to make him play a style of the game he isn’t comfortable with.

The excitement has begun in Chicago

The Bulls haven’t been an exciting team in quite some time. All of that has changed under the team’s new front office. Bulls basketball is exciting again and the city of Chicago is showing it. DeRozan has already taken note of the type of sports city that Chicago is.

He’s right in that regard, Chicago is a city that cares about its sports and they will let you hear it when things don’t go well. As we head into the Bulls season excitement is high. It might take some games for this team to start meshing as they begin this new season but the long-term picture should be clear soon. The Bulls are going to be a contender in the East and everyone in Chicago knows that. Anything less will be a failure. Get ready Chicago, Bulls basketball is back!

Lifelong Chicago sports fan raised in Las Vegas. Purdue University graduate. An engineer by trade, Bulls superfan by choice.