The Bulls have already made headlines today as they brought in center Nikola Vucevic. Not long after the Bulls made that deal they were in the news again. This time the Bulls have completed a trade with the Washington Wizards.

While this trade isn’t anything major it’s still something of note. The Bulls basically made this move to improve the bench. Clearly, the Bulls front office didn’t believe the guys they had on the bench were difference makers so they decided to get someone else. Let’s look at this trade a little more in-depth.

Breaking down the trade

The Bulls shipped out bench players in Chandler Hutchison and Daniel Gafford. In return, they brought in forward Troy Brown and Center Mo Wagner. The initial look at this trade doesn’t really excite anyone. But if you break it down the Bulls look like they got the better end of this deal. For starters, the Bulls didn’t give up much of anything. Hutchison was barely on the floor and Gafford didn’t seem to work in head coach Billy Donovan’s system.

The Bulls look like they made the right move here getting players who can contribute to the bench while giving up players who rarely see the floor. Looking at things from a financial standpoint it looks like this trade was yet again a good call for the Bulls.

The Bulls aren’t taking on any major contracts in this situation. As a matter of fact, if things work out well with Brown the Bulls will have another year of him at quite the low price. Overall it looks like the Bulls won this trade in terms of what they had to give up.

Looking at the stats

Remember that these are bench players and their stats aren’t going to blow you away. However, the Bulls look like they brought in the perfect buy-low player. While Brown has had a rough go this season averaging 4.3 PPG, 37.1 %FG, & 2.9 RPG he has a lot of upside. At only 21 years old he is coming off of quite the productive season last year. In 69 games last season Brown averaged 10.4 PPG, 5.6 RPG, & 2.6 APG. He showed that he can be a very productive player coming off the bench. Now we get to see if Billy Donovan can bring him back to that level of production.

(Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images)

If we look at center Mo Wagner he’s just in his third year in the league and he’s still trying to find his own. He’s averaging 7.1 PPG, 50.8 %FG, & 2.9 RPG. He plays about 15 minutes per game and gives some contribution coming off the bench. Mo can pop out and shoot the three if needed. He will be an interesting fit with Billy Donovan. Is this a guy who just needed to be in the right system? We should get a pretty good idea seeing him in Chicago. Either way, it looks like the Bulls made a good call bringing in these two.

This move helps to solidify the bench

While this isn’t a “sexy” trade this is still an important one. The Bulls are trying to beef up their bench and bring in players who can make the most of their minutes. The two guys they shipped off weren’t doing that. Hopefully Brown can get back to the level he was at last season.

One thing is for sure, the Bulls are not afraid to make deals today.