Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Bulls Big Three Is Showing Up When It Matters Most


The Chicago Bulls are one of the hottest teams in the league currently. With the second-best record in the East, the Bulls sit at 10-4. They find themselves with this record due to a lot of factors but the main factor is how this team plays in crunch time. In seasons past it would not be unlikely to see the Bulls squander a lead in the fourth quarter. In fact, it became something Bull’s fans were waiting for. This team wants to put those days behind the Bulls and ensure every victory. The Bull’s big three of guards Zach LaVine and Lonzo Ball along with forward DeMar DeRozan have been playing their best when it matters most this season.

DeRozan is leading all players in 4th quarter scoring and LaVine is 7th. These two are single handedly taking over games to ensure that the Bulls will leave with the win. While Lonzo may not find himself on this list he’s certainly been a big reason why these two can score. These three have put the Bulls in positions to win games all while ensuring they don’t blow those leads. Fourteen games into the season and these three are ranked amongst the top three player lineups.

Shooting at an elite level

One of the biggest reasons why this lineup has been so successful with one another is because of their three-point shooting. The ability to put the ball in the basket from the three-point line is key. It allows them to get back in their sets and prepare on the defensive end. Just looking at where these three stand shows how well their game plan has been working.

The now labeled DeBallZach is 1st in 3P%, defensive rating, point differential, and net rating. They can get the shots they want and be ready to play defense on the other end. That is what gives them the best point differential and allows them to be as aggressive as they have been. The shooting from these three has been elite and they showed that last night as they beat the Lakers.

We have always known LaVine and DeRozan can get hot and shoot lights out. However, the level that Lonzo Ball is shooting at has been a pleasant surprise. He has been a major reason as to why this big three is clicking.

Lonzo Ball the sniper

When Ball came into the league he was openly mocked about his shooting form. He didn’t look like he was going to be someone who teams would need to worry about as a shooter. He’s put in work on his shot and it’s showing. Thankfully he’s playing for the Bulls and we get the reap the rewards. Lonzo has continued to improve and looks to do that again this season.

Lonzo is shooting 44.4% from three with a total of 102 shots. He’s putting the Bulls in a position where teams need to worry about Ball, LaVine, & DeRozan at all times. He’s at a stage where his shots are falling and he just needs to continue to build off that. If he can maintain his high shooting percentage or even be around 40% the Bulls are going to be in a great position.

Continue to build

The season is still young and the Bulls know that. The one thing they need to do is continue to build on this hot start. If they want to be labeled as a top team in the league they will need to prove it for 82 games. Lonzo knows that the Bulls can be a team that people fear.

If this is what the Bulls look like as they are coming together I can’t wait to see what they look like when they are fully together.

This team needs to continue focusing on playing their best in the 4th quarter. Don’t let games that you have already won slip away. They have done a great job thus far and are surely going to build on that. As long as they take it one game at a time the Bulls will be just fine. The Bulls still have a lot of games left but sitting at 10-4 they are in a great position to start the season.

Conner Grant
Lifelong Chicago sports fan raised in Las Vegas. Purdue University graduate. An engineer by trade, Bulls superfan by choice.

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