Just six days ago the Brooklyn Nets lost in game 7 to the Milwaukee Bucks. That was it for the Nets. The projected NBA champs were out. In this series Nets forward Kevin Durant was left on his own to pick up the slack. With multiple teammates injured it was time for Durant to show that he is the “best current player in the world”. That clearly didn’t happen as they are watching the remainder of the playoffs at home. One thing this loss did stir up was some serious beef between Bulls Legend Scottie Pippen and Durant. Following this loss, Pippen had some words to say about Durant’s playstyle. He compared Durant to Lakers forward Lebron James.

Let me tell you, this did not sit right with Durant. While this is a fair assessment of the two players in a lot of people’s eyes it has stirred up quite the argument online. It really started to heat up once Durant replied back to Scottie’s comments.

KD’s reply

Not long after Pippen’s comments were posted to Twitter we got to hear from Durant. He let everyone know exactly what he was thinking after reading these statements.

The play in which Durant is referring occurred in the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals. The final play of the game had been called for former Bull Toni Kukoc to take the shot. Once that call came in Pippen told head coach, Phil Jackson, he’s out of the final play. The rest is history. Pippen wasn’t involved in that final play. He never confirmed or denied that this is the reason he sat out. He simply said the two of them exchanged words and he took a seat. This was the first tweet sent out by Durant regarding Pippen. Quickly after this, we were given another.


Again calling out Pippen and this time it’s about his leadership. This was the last we had heard from these two at least on Twitter after everything went down. But like most media members this was a hot topic of discussion. It is the main topic on most of the major sports shows today. We knew more was coming from these two.

The Lebron factor

As sports shows got a hold of this the breakdowns began. They started to look at the playstyle of Lebron and Durant. Mainly comparing what each team wants from them. On Undisputed they touched on how Durant hasn’t been asked to play like Lebron so the criticism is unwarranted.

While some great points were made on the difference between what each of them is asked to do Scottie’s point still stands. Durant tried to go shot for shot and win the game instead of looking for his teammates. Scottie continued today by tweeting about Lebron winning with no help.

He is referring to the 2016 Championship that Lebron won in Cleveland. While you can debate until you are blue in the face whether that is true or not, Scottie stands by his claim. With all of this media presence tearing into various players one has to wonder if this is all a marketing stunt to sell his bourbon.

He did it for the bourbon?

Scottie Pippen just recently came out with his own bourbon brand, Digits Bourbon. One has to wonder if this is a way to get more eyes on him and sell more bourbon. I mean just today Scottie posted a tweet with his bourbon in it. This wasn’t just a photo of the bourbon, it included a tv with a quote on him roasting 76ers head coach Doc Rivers.

This has to make you think that all of this talk with Durant is all for publicity. He knew he could find an angle and attack it. Now he’s got eyes all over him and people looking him up left and right. It seems to be a genius move on Pippen’s part. Regardless of the reason behind it I genuinely do believe that what he’s saying he stands behind. He played with the greatest player to ever live. He also knows a thing or two about team basketball. Regardless this gives some great entertainment. Personally, I would say Pippen won this round. Durant came out of the gates upset. He stayed upset. Typically if you are that upset right away you have already lost. Another W for the Bulls legend.