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Reminiscing The D-Rose Days


Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Bob Love are all names that bring back a memory to die-hard Bulls fans. Another name that brings about some nostalgia? Derrick Rose. The Memphis standout averaged about 15, 5, and 5 while in college, which led him to be drafted as the #1 overall pick in the 2008 draft. Forgot what type of player we were getting? Take a look, but try not to cry.

The Chicago native was a straight menace for defenders, and he led the Tigers to the National Championship where they ended up losing to the Bill Self-led Kansas Jayhawks in OT. That loss probably even stings for some OG Chicago Bulls fans…our future, hometown MVP point guard losing to the coach that left the University of Illinois position? That had to of stung for some. Either way, we got our future in the hometown kid.

So, what made this Chicago boy so different from the others? Let’s take a look at some highlights.

Reason #1: Athletic Freak Of Nature

Derrick Rose was one of the most explosive players the Bulls franchise ever witnessed, and even the NBA for that matter. Like, y’all better actually watch this video…please! The man could bounce out of the gym like a rabbit on an energy drink, and it lit a spark for everybody in the arena no matter where the game was being played. But honestly, is anything better than that announcer’s call on the play? Sit down, Dragic.

Does it get any better than this? The series may have not gone in our favor, but the MVP of that season still gave us highlights that will last forever. And honestly, it was the way that he performed those dunks. He was going up there with authority, and anybody in his path was doomed to be dunked on. You’d think they would’ve learned, right?

Reason #2: Clutch Gene

This couldn’t be left out and forgotten about. He was that guy to count on, playing fearlessly throughout all times of the game. This shot should still give you chills, as it sums up the type of player D-Rose meant to us in Chicago. He grinded off the court to produce on the court, and it truly showed during his time in Chicago.

Fitting that it’s the holiday season, we had to include this Christmas Day game-winner. D-Rose has openly discussed that he’s been influenced by Kobe’s work ethic, so this floater for the win in front of his hero had to feel like an out-of-body experience. He was something special, and a player that many probably took for granted.

Reason #3: Don’t Forget His MVP Season

Rose was declared the MVP for the 2010-2011 season, while doing so as the youngest ever to win the award at age 22. Averaging 25 points per game, 4 boards, and about 8 assists, D-Rose was setting a name for himself. Only missing one regular season game that year, he helped lead the team to a 1st place finish in the East with a 62-20 record.

Perhaps that tweet above brought back some nostalgia, but don’t worry, this video has you covered. This team was special, and it all started with the youngster who played like a 10-year veteran.

Chicago’s Forever Home

These videos may be tough to watch, they may even bring some tears to your eyes. It’s okay, it’s natural. We all miss him, too. The hometown kid grew up in front of us, won an MVP, brought back a franchise, and even went through a career-changing injury. Us Bulls fans have a LOT of memories when it comes to Derrick Rose, and at the end of the day, he’ll always be the guy that you love.

But those tears that were brought about during these videos can be wiped off, as it’s time for some happy news. D-Rose seems to be done with Chicago, right? WRONG.

Woj completely teased us fans this past summer which isn’t cool, guy. Joking aside, this had some steam to it. And although it didn’t happen, who’s to say that it couldn’t still happen? Maybe that’s the final piece this Bulls team needs to flourish and win the chip: bring the hometown kid back.


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