Wednesday, May 31, 2023

KC Johnson’s New Updates On DeMar DeRozan’s Quad Injury


In the Chicago Bulls’ loss to the Philadelphia 76ers last night, star player DeMar DeRozan was forced to leave early due to a quad strain. This was a significant loss for the Bulls, as DeRozan has been a critical player in their recent successes.

Despite the efforts of Zach LaVine, who had a solid game, the rest of the Bulls’ starting lineup struggled to find their rhythm. They shot a combined 6-28 from the field, which significantly affected the team’s poor performance. The 76ers took advantage of this and established an early lead, with the Bulls trailing by as much as 23 points to just one end in the first quarter.

After the game, DeRozan did not speak to the media, but reports from NBC Sports Chicago’s KC Johnson suggested that DeRozan was seen walking without a limp, which is an encouraging sign. Nikola Vucevic also confirmed that DeRozan sat out the remainder of the game because it didn’t make sense to risk further injury in a game that was already out of reach.

Although there is currently no timetable for DeRozan’s return, the early indications are that he will be joining the Bulls on their upcoming west coast trip and is not expected to miss many games, if any. This is good news for the Bulls, as they are currently in last place in the play-in spot and hoping to maintain or improve their position in the coming weeks.

The loss of DeRozan is undoubtedly a blow to the Bulls, as he has been a consistent performer for the team this season. However, the team has shown that they can perform well even without their star player, and they will need to continue to do so if they hope to make it to the playoffs.


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Laila Libby
Laila Libby
Mar 23, 2023 9:56 am


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